Tusk Deflect Timings (for science!)

[preamble blahblahblah I used in-game frame-step, and yes I know there’s another thread asking for this info but I don’t trust people to update their OP’s so I’m just putting it here. No, I don’t play Tusk, so I can’t answer any questions]

st.MP 6-8
cr.MP 5-10
st.HP 5-9
cr.HP 5-11 (whoa!)
M.DP 3-6
H.DP 1-6
M.Splitter 6-8
H.Splitter 9-15

Now get out there and design some hella elaborate frametraps!


No worries, as you said, probably easier to find here! Good work!


It’s new to me, so props!

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You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. And you have my admiration.

And if this was the wife who tested this and posted it, same thing. Sir, gentleman, scholar, admiration. Because when you play as Tusk, you are a man. The women are men. The children are men. The men… well, obviously are men.


Thats very useful stuff. I always thought they were like 3 frames max 0.0, altough I felt that cr.HP was more reliable than other deflects, im just not that much digger type.

I feel they are gonna be nerfed someday lol.

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While they do seem pretty stronk, I don’t think there will ever be enough communal boohooing to actually warrant nerfs. Tusk gets bopped by his fair share of the cast, he sorta needs those big ol’ deflect windows.

I was actually sorta surprised to find how late some of them occur.

I always thought the startup frames were different, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with these numbers, with a good majority of them starting at 5 or 6 frames. So, my question is this - why not use only the one that has the best frame data overall for deflects over others?

for example cr.HP is very punishable from almost any distance on block, and does not cancel to combo.

I find heavy skull splitter to catch most of advancing moves done as a reversal after Tusk breaks a combo (I mean moves like windkick and alike)

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