Tusk color 1 eye glitch

Whenever I use default tusks color 1 or just about any of his classic costumes, his eyes turn completely solid black during his win pose. It really stands out to me and doesn’t look good at all. It especially happens on Maya’s stage. Does anyone else have this issue ??

Yeah it’s been an issue since Tusk’s first reveal, and it’s dependent on which stage you’re on due to the lighting that’s cast on his face. Considering the large amount of other similar visual bugs that are still in the game I wouldn’t expect them to fix it, at least not for a while.

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That’s a bummer . Idk why it bothers me so much. I hope they get around to fixing it eventually.

You should probably report this in the bug reporting thread. Just for safety.

Alright . I’m still new to all of this . Is there a way I can just move this whole thing to there ? Instead of making a seperate post of the same thing.

Not necessary to do that. my advise is to create a pic of Tusk having that glitch and send it the Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3. If you want, I can do it for you.

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I’d honestly have no clue how to do that. If you don’t mind doing it, that would be great!

Ok I’m on it.

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Sweet . Thanks a lot !!