Tusk best frame traps

Good morning Tuskers….Im currently working on leveling up my Tusk and I guess I reached the point in where Im a little more comfortable with his gameplay and mechanics. One question Id like to ask. What are his best frame traps?? Reason I ask is because I benefit a lot from people who likes to button mash and wake up mash too…With a good set of frame traps your pressure is pretty much guaranteed.

All your assistance is warmly welcome

Thank you guys

Standing hard kick. Moves him forward and is plus on block. Standing hard punch. Not plus but can be frame trapped into dp and defect moves. His lights into deflect.

Thank you very much bro… In your opinion…How difficult is to land a back stab? When do you use such move?? When landed, it leads to a Kill combo as long as you still have instinct… Any idias on how to properly start using this tool??

It’s really difficult to land. It’s reactable, can’t be landed after a close block… You will only land it on very situational ocasions.

You can land it against people allergic to block on wake up as meaty, for example after a throw, but it’s unlikely to happen against good players

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Just to make some corrections:

St.hk is not +on block - its -1.

st.hp into dp is no frametrap cause st.hp is punishable on Block cause its -5 on block. Its hard to punish but still doable consistent. Of course range dependant but to hit with invul light dp you need to be in punish range.

close st.hk is pretty good for frame traps especially meaty its gdlike.