Tusk as a survivalist?

Are they really remaking Tusk like they did with Maya?

Maybe the retro costume Tusk will have can be a reflection of his ancestor or something.

I just hope he can still carry a sword in our time.

But I wished he go in the “Highlander” route. “There can be only one”.

Plus his character trailer would be like this:

Perhaps he is a survivalist for a reason maybe? possibly as a way to await the day he is needed and will use a weapon of his ancestors? we won’t really know until much later down the road. But at this point it’s all assumptions.

I don’t remember Tusk as a survivalist?.. Adam did said that?

He mentioned it as a possible way to bring the character to the new era, since the story no longer involves time travel. It was just an idea though, so nothing concrete, but a possibility nonetheless.

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Old Tusk:

New Tusk:

Confirmed: Tusk 2016.

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If he’s gonna be an outdoor survivalist… then perhaps the new Tusk must have an ancestor who was a barbarian and many other warriors in his day.

What if he is a descendant of the Babylonian king?

With the portals becoming a main part to the story of KI… My guess is Tusk is from the Gargos dimension… maybe Tusk is a Rival to Gargos in that realm.