Tusk and Kim's faces

I’m sorry to say , but tusk and Kim’s faces need a bit of work. Season 3 has 4 great characters , but the two human characters have faces that probably the two worst faces in the game … Much worse than any character from season 1 or 2. It seems like they put a bit more effort into making sure rash and arbiter look amazing ; which they do. Plus I assume it’s harder to make good looking human faces , than it is monsters/ creatures ; such as arbiter and rash… I’ve always stood up for every aspect of this game , and have praised it since day 1 . But since having season 3 , its just really hard for me to not notice the lack of quality in their faces. It’s a real bummer that were all the way in season 3 , and we have stuff like this happening. I’m just voicing my opinion . And I mean it in the most respectful way possible . No offense to anyone as i know they’ve worked very hard on this . I just hope that tusk and Kim can have their retro and default faces improved a bit . It would really help the game have an overall look of higher quality .

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I think the faces are ok.
Kim wu is asian , so she represent in a way the asian beauty.
here , a example. http://www.fondos7.net/wallpaper-original/wallpapers/asiatica-de-rostro-bello-2446.jpg
And she look like this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CaD2zhDWYAADmFs.jpg
tusk… i think he look good. see… http://www.alexcastro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/DSC_3859-full-close-up-556.jpg

I had the same opinion then I saw the original concept art Kim Wu face is fine.

Otherwise Tusk is way long from original concept.

Kim Wu’s is palatable, albeit not overly aesthetically pleasing (beauty being in the blood-shot eye of the beer holder, notwithstanding). Tusk is acceptable for my tastes. His alt… not so much.

I don’t mind Kim having pronounced epicanthic folds – she is Asian, after all. It’s more the shape of her countenance, perhaps coupled with her distinctly American accent, that leaves her in that ‘uncanny valley’ of female-ness.

Sadira (seemingly a take on the MTF transsexual), seems easier on the eye than Kim does… even in her Frankfurter getup. Which… errr, could be realistic… especially if Sadira is indeed Thai (as her quotes suggest); but it doesn’t say much for poor, li’l Kimmy and her hopes of landing an eligible bachelor. =\

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Uhm… what?


Up close their faces look almost unfinished , like the textures aren’t all the way there or something . Idk it’s weird . But next to the other humans faces , it’s super obvious that they’re less than average , and defintely not " great " or " amazing " like a lot of the other characters . I’ve seen Kim’s face do some very weird stuff lol and tusks face in his win pose still looks really bad; especially in his retro , it’s noticeable on first glance.

What gets me is that Kim Wu looks cross-eyed in her intro. Furthermore, her nose is narrow at the top and looks wide or even fat at the base, which is uncharacteristic of many people of Asian decent (read, not all), who generally speaking, have smaller, more refined noses.

That being said, she’s of mixed-decent, being partially American (whichever ethnicity that happens to belong to), so we could just chalk it up to bad genes on her non-Asian side of the family.

Even creepier though is that her eyes are always open when you knock her down. Look at her when she loses in between rounds. It gives me the heeby-jeebies. Also, her eyes are often closed in the character loading screen, much like Jago’s eyes used to be… I thought they fixed that kind of thing with S3?

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Totally agree. Especially Tusk. I’m so glad they gave me so many accessories to cover that disgusting face up

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Does anyone think that there’s actually a chance that they’ll work on their faces at all ? Or is it probably not gonna happen ?

Orchids face and the balding strips of ‘hair’ on the back of her head never changed
(start a solo fight or practice or cusomize her and you will see)

so i dont thiNk they will change them.

I like kims and tusks faces although the retro tusk face is a bit unique we never saw any other human face fully since orchid Maya and thunder retro.

Creatures and Combo don’t count, they are exaggerated builds of cgi models

ALL of the characters are exaggerated builds of CGI models. XD

But yeah, there are indeed a good handful of the models that could need a touch-up here and there.

Couldn’t disagree more. Season 1 has Orchid after all. Kim’s face is on par with Maya and Mira, from what I can tell now. But at the end of the day it’s all a matter of taste.
Tusk improved massively from when he was first shown. He doesn’t have the dead eyes anymore. However, I think that on some stages the lighting doesn’t do him any favors.

I am neutral on her face. Initially hoped she was prettier but she looks fine to me.

My 7-year old daughter however, didn’t want to play her. I asked why, she said that Kim doesn’t look very cute at all. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

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Learn Thai… :wink: