Tusk and Kim Wu Textures

What do you think about this?
I think a lot lower compared to the first season characters


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Right now in game dude.

No I think it’s just more like they lack some stuff like face-lift and stuff, they are human after all, thunder is a strange one since he’s all native Indian and stuff, I’d love to have a pc old and new lighting mode to play with, was able to get some real nice 4k screenshot the other day to help me recreate jago tattoo

The flat image of jagos tattoo is in the season one ultra fan book

Yeah I did find that but the only image I could find was fairly low res, since I’m getting this tattoo done my self I want it high res as possible to make sure L the lines are defined for the artist, hence I’m having to recreate it anyway

On PC all characters have pretty nice textures, on X1 some look better than Others.