Tusk 3.4 Changes

•Stagger Ender now adds 100 KV instead of 50 KV. You must use a Shadow move or throw if you wish to continue the combo, as any other hit will now blow out. (Tusk’s combo game devolved because of this move, as players used it essentially as an unbreakable linker into pretty respectable damage. We want to keep the midscreen mixups it affords, but we have to say goodbye to the cool looking repeated stagger ender combos in order to do that, as they were too degenerate and frustrating to get hit by.)
•Shadow Immortal Spirit now triggers a Shadow Front Step that is projectile immune. Pressing any button during the startup or the step portion of this move will trigger the Shadow Shoulder portion at no additional cost.
•Shadow Shoulder is now immune to projectiles. (Tusk was having just a little too much trouble with characters who have projectiles that cover the ground, preventing him from using the non-shadow Immortal Spirit moves to dip under them. The changes to this move should give him a few more opportunities in those matchups.)
•Shadow Air Skull Splitter now fires an additional explosion, and all explosions are spaced farther from eachother, coving more of the screen.
•Air Skull Splitter now spawns explosions on whiff or block when landing. These explosions can destroy incoming projectiles and make this move a bit safer on block than before. The number of explosions is based on the strength used.
•Air Skull Splitter no longer causes a ground bounce on standing opponents. It instead causes stagger and can go straight into auto doubles. The explosions do not come out on hit.
•Tusk can now cancel the landing of Air Skull Splitter into Shadow moves on hit, whiff, or block. Try cancelling into the new Shadow Step to approach behind a wave of projectiles outside of instinct mode. (All of these changes combine to give Tusk a few new approach and attack options.)
•Fixed a bug causing Jumping MP to count as a Heavy Attack, both in priority for trades and for breakability.

Personal Favorite Change: That Shadow Spirit Step Buff. Absolutely yummy :heart:

Stagger ender change for me is the big one. Was absolutely needed - one chance into repeated stagger enders was pretty degenerate.

The spirit step change should definitely help him in some problematic MU though, which is also good. :slight_smile:


I wish there was slightly less KV on stagger ender so I could manual into Ultra. Its the little things but I think every other character has this off a wallbounce.

Am I right?