Turn down particle effects Option?

One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen from people outside of the KI community as well as viewers on stream have been on the issue of Killer Instinct’s particle effects.

Now, I know the particle effects now are not nearly as annoying as they were early on in the games lifetime but I was wondering if it would be possible to add a option to turn down the particle effects further.

Off the top of my head I’m thinking of Jago’s Fireball, Glacius’s Hail and Kan-Ra’s everything.

I can understand that argument for eye strain and the bit rate on streams can be noticeably problematic at times due to the particle effects.

I’m sure someone can make this a option for PC but I was hoping it could be a official option for the Console version.

I haven’t personally had any problems with this, but this is one of the cases where having the option to enable/disable something could only be beneficial, assuming it’s possible to change the game’s programming to do so relatively simply.

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The particle effects given off a frame buffer displaying a single image strains the stream when done so from the console or from any capture device streaming?

As is, the particle effects are part of the mind game as they can hide the actions of a few characters, like Fulgore’s Cyberport or throwing in Instinct Jaguars with Orchid to cover the mix-ups.

To be honest, W10’s incoming upgrade may lessen, not remove, but lessen the effects as the new OS will use the CPU better. It may help keep streaming quality directly off the console more consistent.

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It sounds like a feature they will at least have to incorporate with the PC version, as some users my try to turn down particle effects to lessen performance issues on that version of the game with older PCs and setups not designed to handle the high particle effects.

…but, but… I love the particle effects! :sleepy:

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I do too lol. But I’ve heard people complain about them before. I can understand the problem. Especially the eyestrain concern.

3D PARTICLE EFFECTS FTW! 3D SUPPORT IG! I know you can do it!


I think this falls under the same category as why there is no training stage available for versus play.

They want the game to be seen in its full glory, not dumbed down by players for performance reasons.

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I enjoy the particle effects very much AND have no problems with them whatsoever also in Killer Instinct :sunglasses:

I think that toned down particle effects will likely be a feature included in the PC port. PC games are designed to be customizable to fit your hardware, so a lot of stuff needs to be tweakable in order to make the game work for as many people as possible. Generally console games are set to a certain standard, which is where they hold their appeal. While they can’t go as high as a good PC, they’ll be stable and good looking enough to get the average consumer through the day without too much hassle.
That being said, I do wish console games would let us tailor our experience a bit more based on what you value. I remember Bioshock on the Xbox 360 gave the option to unlock the frame rate at a slight cost to visual fidelity, and that Final Fantasy 14 lets you do something similar.
If they’re going to be more like PC’s with each generation (adding online gaming, internet browsing, installation, movie streaming, etc), they should go all the way, making them essentially ready built specialized PCs that you can plug into your TV with no hassle.
Just a thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve had no issues either.

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Only issue I have with the particle effects Is if I’m in the comer vs orchid I can’t see ■■■■.

And some of Kan ras animations it’s impossible to tell what strength he’s using.

I like the particle explosions but it does need to tone down in some places.

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I love the particle effects, I hope they keep them the way it is.

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The particles are part of the gameplay.


Yes, indeed they are :wink:

The particle effects are beautiful imo and are part of the games overall aesthetic. No thanks.