Trying to learn sadira who can i watch

Really struggling with her

UA TBNDaymein and Grief are your main two.


Do they have respective youtubes?

I know Daymein streams every once in a while.

Which is? Im clueless how to begin using her just online messing around want to learn the air juggles or whars possible atleast she seems tad bit advanced

@SoSRaGnArOk A little help here?

You can play the top ranked Sadiras in shadow lab

I rather watch a video stop it practice that in the lab i can’t tet this air combos or im not sure how long they can be in the air so confused

Oh the n there’sa guy on youtube with sadira tech
google is our friend

If i knew what to search :wink: i Dont think in ran into more then 5 sadira my entire ki career

I’m always posting Sadira stuff on Youtube. Most epic fights and such. Here’s a fight from today where I use a lot of Web Tech to turn the fight in my favor.

You are more than welcome to look through my channel and examine my fights. I’m certainly not the greatest Sadira out there, but I am pretty decent. :smiley:

If you ever come across a good Sadira player, study the replays.

Thanks any videos yall wanna post please do