Trying to Learn but having issues

Ok, I am not having the best of times trying to learn Shadow Jago. I faced AI to learn fundementals but am now trying to learn more of the character’s meat as I play with him against human players. Ranked normally brings out a good chunk of people that know what they are doing but the issue I am having at this point are players that spam. I think the worse that I’ve had it is a Maya that frame trapped me into this quad combo and never let go. I know if I mash LP+LK I can grab in between but sometimes it fails in some sort of way, like neutral jumping. I faced an orchid earlier who had me cornered and trying to dash out of the corner wasn’t quick enough to avoid her. It was the same thing over and over, and to be honest I didn’t really gain from the game in anyway other than neutral jumps are Shagos #1 enemy. Any players that aren’t T-baggers or spam attackers that will be willing to help teach me?

shadow counter might help. Also at the times you can grab it would be easier to go for the backdash instead.

Shadow counter wont dent opponent and backdash is too slow and beaten out

Won’t dent opponent?? As for backdashes they’re invincible, you just have to time it right if you’re getting hit before it comes out.