Trying to learn Aria

Hi guys, as the title says, i am trying to learn Aria, and i’m not having much luck, i can’t even beat very hard AI. Are there any beginner tips you guys could give me?

Some beginner tips

  • don’t throw out an assist without a plan or setup. The damage you take is real (with greetings from @TheKeits)
  • choose a one or two bodies and learn how to do short combos first. Preferably with hard knockdown, so you can follow-up with assists and overheads (you will need this eventually for her vortex).
  • in season 3 juggles have become more important for Aria, so like the previous point. Find a juggle combo and make sure you can execute it at will (next step would be to cash out the juggle)
  • the knowledge of other characters’ auto doubles or linkers is pretty important. Aria loses an entire body if you don’t break a combo at the right moment. Probably the hardest for me personally.
  • find your fastest normals and anti air normals. Needed for poking, hit confirm, anti airing
  • shotgun blitz is your ticket out against Shagos, spinals, and many other teleport users
  • also charging HK is very effective against Tusks that love poking. It throws them off and hits multiple timed, so…

Also Aria needs to be on the attack. Turtling will hurt you. Fighting from a distance also counts as being on the offense. No shame in spamming dissonance!


-Should focus on all bodies
-Able to switch between bodies to constantly make opponents think.
-Health management is HUGE with ARIA. It’s much more demanding to monitor your health then any other cast member.
-Find setups (HKD or soft) to switch bodies. Even with a perfectly healthy body. Why? Because you’ll want to be taking even amounts of dmg and build up instinct.
-ARIA can fight at any range, so get a feel for it.
-Her flipouts and good use them
-With booster and blade body, try to cash out juggles for shadow allergo and shadow crescendo.
-Make use of bass body battery ender.
-Use instinct mode with care and don’t be afraid to cancel it if need be.

Thanks for the tips guys! I’ve practiced and managed to get a few setups down and i have a decent idea as to how to play the neutral game now! I do have one more question though: How often should i call assists? Should i just spam them out like Marvel or be more conservative?

It’s not how often but more about when you need it.
You can call them as often as u like as long as you make the most of it

  • to cover an unsafe move
  • to get close or get away (very dangerous btw because of damage that can be inflicted by your opponent)
  • to apply pressure
  • to start or to continue juggles

But the key is that your opponent doesn’t get a chance to damage them. I suggest to use on offense or to apply pressure rather than random spamming

Honestly, it depends on your playstyle. If you’re going ham and throwing out a ton of unsafe moves you’ll probably be calling your bass assist a lot. Although, the way your opponent plays may also factor into how often you use drones. If they jump a lot, you’ll most likely be calling your blade assist pretty often. The assist you’ll most likely not use that often (unless you’re taking advantage of juggle opportunities, but even then) is the wing assist. The real way I can describe it is you’ll be changing it on the fly depending on how you want to play or the way your opponent is playing. It’s all one big variable that you have to have plans for.

Watch “f3 sleep”'s aria on Youtube,

Any solid tutorials for her?

wow this is a tough one to learn

Yup, hardest character to learn in the game.

Any tips only ever been mira maya and tj

Yeah even after all the guides and week of im lost

Tips? Well…let’s see…

Outside of the standard stuff…ummmmm…

Don’t let any body go to waste
Make sure to weigh your options before you use instinct
ARIA builds meter stupid quick, so don’t be to afraid to go crazy on the meter
her MK normals can bypass certain things as well as having long range
Dissonance can tear through minions and still hit gargos in the process for full damage
The M air version of crescendo can cross up
Hitting versions of crescendo (experiment) can have bigger pushback on block then normal, unfortunately I can’t seem to replicate that properly
Make use of ARIA’s vs big characters since it acts as an instant overhead against them, even while crouching
If RAAM activates his instinct be prepared you WILL lose half your health in white life for the whole instinct
find setups that let you manually switch bodies with safety
DO NOT switch bodies when you’re near the corner…its’ not worth it
If you find yourself low on health and need a switch or you have a lot of white life to recover DO NOT panic, that will just make you easier to read and predict
Use the DP version of crescendo with care it has a very narrow vertical hitbox
Practice charge bombs frame traps and mixups, they have much potential
Try not to use her sweep at point blank range smaller characters will just have the bombs whiff on them
ARIA only has two low attacks, and
The M version of allergo on counter hit does a whooping 16% by itself

Kind of blew my mind. Even after rewatching her stream week ofs and guides i can find i have no idea what im doing i need a better understanding just can’t seem to grasp it

Like a i need a routine with her

She’s a complicated lady. Need time with her, get to know her.

So off shotgun knee switch bodies…

Does she have long juggles off her qcb kick ender? If so how do i recapture?

She has no recapture, so if you want to cash out then it’s either gotta be shadow crescendo or shadow allergo. For bass body just finish off with dissonance.

After the qcb ender use those while there in the air?

Whatever you want honestly.