Trying to buy Season 3, need help

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I’m currently trying to purchase Season 3 Ultra from the online store that this website’s “get it now” button directs me to. I live in Canada, and when I go to purchase the bundle it shows me a blank screen with a slot to add a new credit card. The problem is I already have my credit card in my billing information on my xbox account, but it doesn’t seem to exist in this menu when I try to purchase the game.

When I attempt to add a new credit card there is no option to designate my country as Canada so I am unable to fill the State/Province (it even says province!) box with my correct province, and cannot register the card in order to make my purchase.

I don’t own an Xbox One so this is the only way I can buy it. I already own Season 1 and 2, and I honestly don’t remember this happening when I bought those.

I even checked the built in Xbox store with Windows 10 and I’m having the same issue.
Any help would be appreciated.

If you have an XBL account, which you should have if you were able to sign up on this site, you simply need to use it to sign in at - once you do this, all of your credit card info should already be there if you’ve already used it for purchases in the past. :wink:

I appreciate the sentiment, but unfortunately you’re telling me stuff I already expected when I encountered this issue.
All my account info on the xbox store shows I own Seasons 1&2, and that my Canadian credit card is attached to said account. Trouble is, when accessing KI through the store the website automatically switches to the US site, as it only seems to exist there.

In other words, the website that contains my account info and the actual game are two different websites, which explains why it can’t see my card when I go to buy Season 3.

Why it doesn’t let you enter a non-American credit card when purchasing anything is completely beyond me, and I think it’s super dumb.

I’m thinking I must have purchased the other seasons via an Xbox One that I had access to at the time in the office I used to work at.
I had no idea this process would be such a pain, especially since I recently learned that I have to go find an Xbox One to sign into the game first before I can get my Season 1&2 content, which is going to be a challenge since I don’t know a single person who owns an Xbox One…

So, out of curiosity, how come you’re buying (and have been buying) something that only works with something else that you don’t have?

Why not just go all in (or out, as it were) and get the console?

At the time, I had access to the console at the place I used to work at, so I would use it on breaks to throw down with coworkers. We would usually play on their accounts as they owned the console and game content, but one day I sat down to find Season 1&2 Ultra were on sale for a really good price together and couldn’t resist picking it up on my own account. I figured supporting the game was worth it. I even contributed $40 to the Shago fund.

When Windows 10 got shown off I had a sneaking suspicion that Microsoft would want to bridge game functionality between the Xbox and PC platforms, so I opted to wait and see if KI would end up playable on the PC and I turned out to be correct.

But to give you a simple answer: I love KI but I have no love for Xbox One, and as much as I adore the game I have no interest in having a $400 Killer Instinct machine, as its the only exclusive title I remotely care about.

try signing up for Paypal, and adding your card there, and then add your paupal account to the xbox live account, so when you try to purchase season 3, it should give you a choice to use your paypal account instead.

Tried that, but because the store defaults to the US market there is no payment options available for me when I go to preorder the game. This is becoming very frustrating.

well I am in Europe, and I sill managed to purchase Season 2 ultra edition without a problem.

What about Season 3?

I would get it if I had the money, sadly I dont.

Would you mind pretending to preorder S3 Ultra for me? You don’t have to actually do it, I just want to know if it lets you use your actual payment options instead of forcing you to create a new one with only US options.

Haha I just tried what you asked, and my payment options showed up. Well I am using paypal to purchase the content. but the payment method showed up. Try using a different browser, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or try clearing the cache/cookies of the browser.

I am using Chrome. This is just getting weird now…

Try using Edge browser (the new IE lol) and see if that works.

Still nothing. This is ridiculous.

I tried to order season 3, I changed the location to canada, and my paypal account did not show up. very strange.
I think you might need to use a VPN connection or ask help from live chat on the microsoft store site.

I have finally resolved the issue. Thanks for the advice to everyone in here.

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What did you end up doing? I believe I know a person who might’ve been having the same problem, though whether they fixed it I’m not sure.

There’s a region change button on the bottom of the page, near the left corner. Click it, select your region, and the store updates to reflect that. This will allow your saved payment options to actually appear as everything is now synced up to your actual region.

I had tried changing the URL to my region but that simply brought me to a new store page, and going back to KI would default to the US store again. I’m surprised the store wasn’t already defaulted to the same region my account is set to, and extra surprised that the button to change this isn’t more obvious and placed somewhere near your account name or something.