True Official 3.6 PD / Breaker Change Discussion Thread

Please only post thoughtful discussion after playing the change. Thanks.

This thread is not for general discussion of the 3.6 balance patch. It is only for discussion of the PD/Breaker change.


Hmmmm I think you guys indirectly buffed ARIA with this change. Same with wulfs instinct.

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Explain please.

EDIT: I have my theory on this as us ARIA players can switch a body out to recover PD in safety, whereas everybody else now has to wait 3 seconds to start recovering.


How please elaborate more?

Well as you may know (or not), is that blockng attacks that deal no chip damage doesn’t stop the regen and make it start again. Chip damage stops regen.

ARIA has a boatload of normals that cause chip damage. So…slap on loads on PD on an opponent then just start poking them to death with normals (even better in blade body since you get those punch chip normals.)

Wolfs instinct is the same way, gets chip on everything so getting that PD regen while wulf is in your face in instinct won’t be possible. Same with ARIA.

ARIA however suffers from the regen. While a body is recovering PD if she takes any kind of damage (hit or chip) then the regen stops on her standby bodies.

And you know regen takes 3 seconds to start regen now so yeah…

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Oh and @JEFFRON27 your glacius fears aren’t true. He got more a nerf then a buff. Shadow CS opener got a hilarious 1% damage buff while it’s linker damage nerfed for double that amount. You’ll be fine.

Oh and @TheKeits, Glacius Shadow CS hurtboxes…well…they stay for the pre freeze disappear for a few frames then reppear post freeze.

So they stay, disspear then reappear. Is that supposed to happen?

They vanish during the screen freeze when it doesn’t matter anyway because nothing in the game can move.


Ah ok, so it’s working then.

I also see you guys brought back sadira old jump canceling manuals from S1 back. Feels WAYYYYYYYYY easier to do now and I barely get AD’s even while mashing it. Is that intentional as well?


This is super off topic man. :-/

But it’s par of the 3.6 update. I’m just tinkering with things (along with PD stuff) and I’m finding things that weren’t present before to my knowledge.

This thread is only for the PD/Breaker change. Please take other 3.6 patch discussion to the 3.6 thread.

This was the absolute biggest buff Mira needed. Playing a strong ground game with her gets rewarded that much more, and people eventually quit trying to guess break her.

It’s so, so great!

Although the change makes some of her problem matchups (Rash, Cinder, Sadira) that much worse because it makes resets that much more scary.

I need to play some sets with those matchups however.

I don’t even notice the change to her instinct, because when people try to break they have a large amount of PD on them already.

Putting the mist on them at the end of combos now is a free healing method while giving you access to way more air mobility and mixup potential, instead of damage in one combo.

So when you do eventually land the hit, it’s a one chance break for big damage, and if they lockout, you’re off to the races.

Plus if they break now when her mist is up, there’s still a lot of PD on them, enough usually for a lvl 4 right off the bat.

Also the change allows Mira to go for more resets without fear of wasting grey life. Usually if a reset was broken, you were at a massive disadvantage because the opponent would regain all their PD and you wouldn’t have had a chance to regain any grey life. So if you used two heavy reapings, you were in a really bad state.

Now opponents have to respect her options.

Overall I think it’s a great change that’s going to emphasize smart play and really making use out of the combo system, which is how I think she was always meant to be played.

Though I feel like the change is gonna make the gap between Miras who rely on gimmicks only and Miras who have a strong ground game that much wider however, but only time will tell.


Characters feel like they hit a little harder. it also makes me think if it worths to break, because of counter breakers. Maybe an analog system like, heavy bteaker - no pd recovery, midium breaker - 50%, light breaker - full pd recovery would be smoother. Because heavies are more risky but easier to be broken. Or more of this… if a second breaker happens - full recovery in any case. So that a player cannot spam heavies.

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My inital feedback after playing for a few hours is that i’ve noticed my opponents leaning a lot more towards resets than i honestly remember pre-patch.

Also hasn’t helped that i was terrible playing and kept getting opened up after a breaker. I didn’t pay a lot of attention yet to how much while life i had stacked on after getting opened, but it was there. It’s like boxing a little, you get rattled with a punch, step away, but you’re dazed. That’s kinda been my feeling. I cracked, got a combo breaker, but didn’t tighten up enough.

One thing i will note is my personal style is to sometimes let combos rock to take note on anything they do. I now know i CANNOT do that if i’ve broken before. That little bit of white life can let a combo rock into 50% swings of damage. I was down 3/4 a life bar from one late broken combo and one i let rock.

Learning my opponent is gonna need reworking, but maybe adopting more turtle after a break is gonna have to work as well. Especially in both bad character matchups and bigger skill differences between me and an opponent.

Still like the changes though. I’ll tinker some more…

It’s gonna take getting used to the new PD changes. Right now in my experience because of how combo breakers work now, matches seem to be going much faster.

I’m still used to the old effect of combo breaking and if I slip up to get combo’d again I’ll take more damage than the last time. The one who gets their combo broken in my opinion has the advantage now for a momentum shift if the player doing the breaking is poor on defense.

They’ll not only have PD remaining, but they’ll get even more stacked on and guys like fulgore who don’t hit so hard with raw combo damage can hit like a truck on a lockout with a damage ender now. Using fulgore’s instinct and piling on resets with cancels I’ve erased life bars on opponents not savvy to his insanity.

Mira, hisako, my other fighters of choice (and my rookie shadow jago) just got way scarier if I get broken. In hisako’s case where I specialize in resets I can really demolish someone if they break me and I go back in with full wrath and influence resets. If I have instinct it’s even worse for them and pretty much has me throwing their bodies in the river if they lock out.

I like the new PD change overall, for players who are heavy on the offense like myself and don’t care so much for playing a defensive style it’s certainly a huge boon.

Now idk how others think, but is it now beneficial to get broken on purpose? Before if you did, you lost all that PD and thus the arms race began albeit in the breakers favor. Now, with this change the attacker has benefits, by keeping half with a slower regen timer, especially if they’re reset heavy like myself (and I have been this way as a fighter since the last few months of s2). Is there diminishing returns on how much PD you can stack after getting broken? I’ve hit what seemed like a limit of PD with hisako on opponents before this patch with resets. Now I wonder if I can go past It if I get broken.

Thanks IG for the work you guys do and for the interaction with us on regards to accepting direct feedback and responses from @TheKeits!

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In safety as long as you can actually switch bodies, which will require either a hard knock down of your opponent, changing rounds or something like that.

If you can get in and cause a hard knockdown to switch bodies then I believe any character can just get in and cause the same knockdown to help him wait the 3 seconds.

I can’t see this as anything other than a nerf to her.

I played a little and since I haven’t played for a while I was back in Gold (not that it seems to matter, 3 out of 4 times I got matched against Killers).

Anyway, the people I played doesn’t seem to realize the change. They mash break like crazy and go in the second I hit the floor. I managed to get a lvl4 ender with Aganos just by starting 4 or 5 broken combos, when I finally got to my ender I got 4 chunks back, yay!

So looking from this perspective it seems the change is working as intended - I did pressure, my opponent got lucky but I still kept my advantage, skill overcame luck.

I’ve yet to see the effects of the change on high level matches (which I’m unable to play since I myself am far from high level). How are high level players gonna react after a break? Will they back down to try to regen PD or will they try to shift momentum since one way to not be opened up is to be the one opening up?

We have upload enders which tuck away a body for PD recovery.

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