Troubleshooting for May Quality of Life Update

Hello Combo Breakers! On behalf of the KI team, here’s our troubleshooting thread for any issues you may encounter with the May quality of life update. Please feel free to report any other issues you may be seeing here - and be sure to include which platform you’re playing on!

(James Goddard asks please not to share your requests for “balance stuff.” We’ll accept that feedback in other threads. Thank you!)

First, confirm you are on version 3.9.30917.1.290283.r on the main title screen.

If your version number is still 3.9.390130.1.289364.r and did not change to 3.9.30917.1.290283.r:

The update may still be rolling out in your region. Wait and check to see if there is an update based (method varies by platform).

We recommend giving this time, this is a patch and does not require a fresh installation.

I keep getting the warning “Refreshing DLC Timeout” after selecting “(Press A) Wait” many times. What should I do?

In this event you may select (Press B) Skip. This will not materially affect anything. However, if you happened to have redeemed new content prior to this step, you will not see it until you force quit and launch KI again, completing the “Syncing DLC and Shadows” step.

*Note this has always been required to see new DLC.

On the Windows version of KI, not all of my characters are unlocked after completing the initial load.

Please exit the game and relaunch it. After completing the Syncing DLC and Shadows step again, you should see all the characters unlocked. This may require multiple attempts.


Hi, my Windows version is showing “Unable to Sync DLC Content” even after pressing Wait, and if I decide to continue I don’t have any of my characters. I don’t know if this started due to this update or if it’s been happening for a while, since I usually play on my Xbox version (which has no issues).

Hoping to use this laptop as a setup for Combo Breaker, so I hope to get this resolved soon. I’ll keep attempting it every so often to see if it resolves itself. Thanks.

EDIT: Fixed! I loaded straight to the main menu and had all my characters after I completely shut down my computer and started it back up. Tried just reloading the game and restarting my computer a few times before and it didn’t work.

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sent you a DM!

This issue should now be fixed on the backend. Please let us know if you/anyone is still blocked.
If still seeing this, recommend a restart.

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Hi, in xbox one console, my home xbox account has a definitive edition and all characters are unlocked, but the other account in the xbox doesn’t have any character unlocked.

The other account:

I’m having an issue accessing Kilgore, Shin and Eagle (season 3.5) in offline mode with my xbox series x set as my “home” device. They are grayed out and unplayable. I’ve updated and sync’d multiple times with the servers before going offline, restarting the system and opening KI. System is Xbox Series X.

Can you confirm if the primary account that has this set to home box owns KI DE or if that account has it via Game Pass?

Same question- can you confirm if the primary account that has this set to home box owns KI DE or if that account has it via Game Pass?

The primary account owns the KI Definitive Edition (originally purchased the Supreme Edition in 2016 and upgraded to DE around 2018). Not through Game Pass.

Via Xbox Game pass

Thanks for confirming. Will reply with more info soon.

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Thanks for confirming. Will reply with more info soon.


Hello there!

Would you be able to confirm you have the characters downloaded locally? There are 2 ways to access characters depending on network status: by having an internet connection for an online license check or having the license for them downloaded locally for offline play. You can check to make sure you have the offline license installed by doing the following:

  1. Highlight the Killer Instinct application on the Xbox home screen
  2. Press the “Menu” button (The button with the three lines on it) and select “Manage Games and Add Ons”
  3. Select “Killer Instinct” in this menu
    a. Should be the top tile on the right, includes the number of downloaded add-ons and install size
  4. Find your missing characters in this list and confirm they are installed
  5. If they are not selected, check the box or select “Select All” on the right side of the screen and press “Save Changes”

If you still see issues after confirming these steps please let me know! I’m happy to help troubleshooting.

Hi, Vwildfire!

Can you make the same install check I outlined above in my reply to BaalsDepe? I suspect this should unblock you but please reach out if it does not :slight_smile:

Hi, a little late to the party but can confirm this worked for me. Same characters missing playing offline (Kilgore, Shin, Eagle).

Went online and checked the boxes for the missing characters in the Manage Games section and saved changes.

Started the game offline and the characters are back, everything fine!

Playing on base Xbox One

Thanks for the support!!!

Sorry for being so late to respond but I can confirm that these steps work and I have access to all chars in offline mode. Thanks!

I’m experiencing missing Season 2 characters in offline mode with the xbox series X set to the “home” device. All game assets and characters are downloaded to local according to the MS store. Reinstalled and no change. Same characters missing in offline mode.