Trouble with low heavy manuals

As the little says, I’m having trouble performing low heavys after my linker, and linkers after the low. I know the combos are preloaded, and I’m trying, but any advice would help greatly. Please assist meh!!

do you mean a crouching heavy? If that is the chase, try loading up practice mode with sabrewulf and do his heavy hamstring linker (<-,->, LK hold) and manual into his crouching HK. I don’t play wulf and I can land it pretty consistantly

You can only heavy manual after a heavy linker. (I don’t believe Wulf can heavy punch manual, being its a knockdown normal…I could be wrong)

Heavy linker = light, medium or heavy manual
Medium linker = light or medium manual only
Light linker = light manual only

Shadow linker = light, medium or heavy manual (this is the easiest to manual after)


yes you can manual crouching HP. It causes knockdown and doesn’t cash out potential damage.

But can you link it in to another linker or ender?

No, it’s not special cancel-able so the combo is toast as soon as it connects. You do get a hard knock down though. So it could be used for setups/safe jumps on characters like Glacius or Thunder.

Heavy Hamstring is a good linker for relatively manuals. Shadow Ragged Edge is also really good, and Heavy Ragged Edge can work as well.
Also, as far as heavy manuals go; while crouching heavy punch simply leads to the sweep/hard knock down, it is possible to manual with STANDING heavy punch instead.
As another tidbit, Feral Cancels in Instinct allow you to manual heavy attacks (including Overpower) after a Heavy Auto Double.

As an added style bonus, with a bit of extra timing you can manual Wulf’s “Magic Chain” combos (LP,MP,HP, or MP,HP) mid combo. Should be able to consistently get it off of Shadow Ragged edge with practice.

Wait, what about Jago, he can go from LL > MK > LL and can manual off a heavy. Wait, can he? I don’t have access to the game right now so i’m not sure anymore, I don’t know what’s going on, what is life?! :weary:

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Thank you soooooo much!!! I see my problem now!

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This is very useful, thanks.

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No problem! Once you get used to it you will find that manuals are the way to go against skilled breakers.

If you are wanting to manual heavies, Cr. HK is the best choice. When using Sabrewulf (old Sabre main before I traded fur for webs), I generally will use a Cr. HK manual after an opener, and after a heavy linker.

Wow… this reminds me of the S1 days when NLHEplayer used to main Sabrewulf… He was a Sabre manual king.