Trivium's Matt Heafy Game Project

This is something I meant to speculate about here but I kept forgetting to post.

I listen to Liquid Metal on SiriusXM a lot and Matt Heafy from Trivium keeps saying he is working on a “childhood favorite” game score. Here is an article about it:

Of course my first speculation is Killer Instinct. He loves the Doom soundtrack which is done by none other than Mick Gordon. He is a metal enthusiast which is perfect for KI.

Remember, all speculation, but since KI news is starting to rumble I think it’s a decent chance of being true.


Very interesting. I’m not 100 percent sure it’s KI, especially since the details are vague and nothing is mentioned at all about who’s employing him, but it is cool nonetheless. It would be awesome if it were KI, though.

If it turns out to be true I’m coming right back here to say what’s up