Trimming KI's PC installation size

After finding and gaining access to KI’s app folder, I found there’s two folders apparently with no functionality in-game: Fightreel folder and Trailer folder: Those two include all trailers for KI fighters and highlight reels for S2 characters.

While cool, these seem to only make the installation heavier, as both occupy 3.6 GB of storage on my already small SSD.

I moved these folders to an external drive, since they seem to have no use. I played a couple matches and the game did not show me any “missing archives” message. I assume it’s safe to move/delete these folders?

Also, additional arcade mode/story mode videos for S1/S2 characters folder was found. I assume if I’m not going to play these anymore I could also move them for an additional 1/2 GB of free space.

I find it surprising that not only the trailers are in the game’s installation, but also there’s a “fightreel” folder with combo videos and is not advertised anywhere. Maybe I just missed it?

Also, several amusing details:

Rash’s file is called “Prince”. Maybe to avoid leaks?
Kan-Ra’s file still called "Gauze"
Omen’s file is called “Nox”. So, the fan made character Nox was indeed an inspiration for Omen…

It’s your game do whatever you want to with it. Just don’t expect them to help you when you remove something that breaks the game. lol

How did you access it?

‘fightreel’ and ‘trailer’ are videos that are accessible if you dig through the menus in the character customization screen. Meaning, at the character select, in the customization part, when highlighting a character, press X(? I think that’s the one) and a little submenu will pop up, with links to the character’s fightreel and trailer.

I’m guessing, now that you moved the files, your game will crash if you went that route. Not gamebreaking, but if you need the 4gb then that’s a good way to do it. You should find the other ‘fightreel’ and ‘trailer’ vids since all characters have them and delete/move those too since you wouldn’t look at them every day.

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Good piece of info, thanks.

I’ll keep trying, and revert back if something goes wrong. I’ll probably move the story mode cutscenes and endings from S1/S2 too.

I’ll keep you informed all informed if I f… up :grin:

Not sure if a bug or something I’m doing wrong, but I can’t seem to be able to paste anything into the app folders. I can cut and delete, but can’t paste anything inside the KI folders. I have tried everything: change permissions, run as an administrator, use a take ownership script… nothing. It always says that “I need to provide administrator rights”

i guess you were trying to revert? sounds like we have to reinstall if we want to put any files back in. Now that’s some clever anti-cheat, anti-modding stuff right there. which is unfortunate.

No, I was actually trying to paste a new video clip into the UI folder. My intention was to rename my clip as the one the game plays by default in the menu screen, so I can see my own video in-game. It did not work.

Also, by trying to gain ownership as an administrator and messing with the file permissions, KI wouldn’t start anymore so I had to redownload the app :dizzy_face:

i thought about granting myself administrator permissions before the initial download, then figured I’d better leave it vanilla so the game would actually start. But it sounds like folder access is fine while file permissions are a different story.

I hope backing up a vanilla directory works and renaming the master folder into a temp name, and then reverting back again doesn’t ■■■■■ us over either. It took me a whole day while dealing with weird and corrupted download processes to install this game I’m probably gonna hold off messing with files on my end

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