Tried everything to connect to Multiplayer (PC)-FIXED!

I’m struggling to decide whether I should give up and try to get a refund or wait for some kind of patch that might address this issue.

I have gone through EVERY fix that exists for the “Failed to reach matchmaking servers”.
I have a working Teredo Address in the xbox app.
My firewall is turned on.
There are no VPN’s installed.
I’ve tried disabling my anti virus fully.
I have the ports required open and I’ve tried running in DMZ mode.

Nothing seems to get me to connect to a match and I have no idea if this is something that the devs can fix on their end or not. I really want to keep the game and get a chance to play online but is there any point in holding out hope that it will work one day?

This is the first time ever that I have not been able to get a game to function online, and I managed to play old command and conquer games recently online. That’s no picnic I can tell ya!

What do you guys think? Refund or Hold out?

Try this

I had a friend try everything and then I found this and it worked. Read the comments as well

Went through all the steps again and it is still the same for me unfortunately. This guide is about getting Teredo up and running and I can do that part easy enough, the game wont connect me to anyone regardless of having a working Teredo address.

Thanks for the link though I appreciate the help, I’m starting to think getting the online to work is more hassle than it’s worth at this point. Never had so much trouble with getting a game to work online before, odd thing is I have Gears of War from the Windows Store and that works fine online so not all Windows games are broken hehe.

Just to let people know I fixed the issue!

I went to my Network and Sharing center and clicked “change adapter settings” (the page that shows your network cards etc).
I disabled the TAP-Windows Adapter V9 thingy that was there (I think it’s there for windows VPN stuff) and then I no longer needed to switch to the enterprise client for Teredo in the CMD.

I do have to re-enable Teredo after reboots with the : netsh interface Teredo set state type = default
but it fixed my issue and I successfully connected to a match in casual!

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