Ok, so I have been going through the “Trials” today in the Master section of the game.

I have come to a halt on the “use 3 shadow Enders with each character”…Maya

“Use 3 shadow Ender with Maya”

She doesn’t have a shadow Ender!!! How do I complete this trial???


Do a delayed Shadow DP after a dagger linker.

Yep, daggers into shadow DP. However when you get to Omen’s shadow ender trial that one actually is incompletable.

Thanks! I was wondering about Omen…if he would even be in the list.
(Any Q&A on this with the Devs?)

So I tried the manual links with Maya earlier but it didn’t work. I did not however, try with the dagger links. I’m going to try that now.
Thanks for your help guys!

Damn! That was hard! Took me about 6 tries to get them down…finally! Thanks again

On the S2 forums I actually made a post asking about how to do it and a dev replied saying it was supposed to have been taken out in an earlier patch, but apparently it wasn’t. I don’t do them anymore so I don’t know if it’s still there to this day, but yea.

I remember that! They didnt remove it…that I know of…Ill check here in minute Im on Riptor now.

Ok so the OMEN trial is still there and cant be completed but on a side note…

I just went in to do the Trial perform a 50 hit Ultra in practice mode and it put me up against RASH!!! WTH??? He isnt in the game anymore but here he is and im beating the crap out of him!!!

I thought that was kinda weird!

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This is the updated Rash too! He just did the over head throw move, and has an axe foot kick. I dont remember that. Everything looks more detailed. Did he have a spike belt and red bandannas around his arms?

I just recorded his ULTRA!!! im going to upload soon!

Check out the video I posted with Rashs Ultra. Its in General discussion… here is the link!154&authkey=!AHPpvqPS1kgemsY&ithint=video%2Cmp4

I guess it was never fixed then. That’s super cool!! I just saw the thread you started about it!

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