Tremor or Vortex change

I think that either Tremor or Vortex need to have some type of invulnerability or armor to help with jumpers. I think in the case of Tremor we should have some air born priority, so when players like to just keep doing jump in’s or neutral jumps all day, we have something to make them think twice about. But the trade could be that it can be standing LP or anti-aired. I’m sure I just need more fight experience or maybe I’m not using or seeing something that I can be using or reading, Roll only get’s me so far.

Vortex should have some armor or a start up frame or two that lets us beat out players that do LP/LK set-ups while we are getting up, similar to a DP of sorts or let us cancel out of the second part of that move if it whiffs or is blocked. Since T.J. is mix up heavy that would lend well to his play style that there going for anyways.

The issues I’ve been seeing in matches is that I use Tremor only to get beat out by some ones head (let’s say Omens slide kick) which is super weird his head in that move has a attack box anyways. We should take that move since it’s above him? I’m new to KI, only been playing a few day so I don’t know what he was like a year ago. I see that T.J has been watered down a little in this last patch and when I watch other matches on YouTube I hear how this did that and this used to be good here but that’s what ever now. I still like the character and I’ll keep going with him, this is just a suggestions/my thoughts.

Tremor already recaptures air born opponents into a combo?

Yes in a combo that’s fine. I would like a better option for anti-air out of a combo is what I mean is all.

No I mean in neutral. Try it in practice mode. It’ll work.

Ya but some times I get knocked out of it to with a jump kick

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If someone jumps in on you and you are ready for it, roll under them and attack from the other side as they land. If you are anticipating a jump, you have to preemptively tremor to catch them. If they jump in and you don’t have time to react, just shadow cyclone/vortex or block. If you are going for tremor anti-airs, use a strength that wouldn’t reach them on the ground. It’s better for you to whiff the tremor instead of getting it blocked.

Sure I know these things it’s I feel other character’s have a easier time with this that’s all.

Shadow Vortex is hit invulnerable until the first active frame, and in general grounded attacks already have priority of air attacks. Sure a normal vortex can be beaten by an air attack if the timing is off/wrong, but that is more of a practice thing than anything else.