Trajes Fatais

This figthing game caught my attention again for it’s wonderful animation and idea. It’s wonderful to see what this guys came up with. Also the idea of the characters seems fun!
I don’t know what will happen with this projects but at least I think this brazilians friends needs more credit for their great work =)

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Details Bro… Details !!! Need more details…

Good morning Maru!
Yes, the game is very good. And that could help IG have an idea to create a new character, and Brazilian. Maya, although she is mentioned as being a personage with Brazilian relatives, lives in a place far from our country.
Another curiosity is in Shadow Lords mode: all countries have some point of reference in the game: a rebel base, an Ultratech factory or branch, or even portals, but Brazil is not included in these events. I do not know exactly why, but they could see that possibility in a new game. The Brazilian players would be super happy, for sure!

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Hey, South America is not only Brazil, I want participation too lol :joy:
In Trajes Fatais it’s cool they added a “Gaucho” (no idea how to call it in Portuguese). I know we aren’t the same as brazilians in Argentina, but apart from the language we do have some things in common.
What I like the most of this project is not about doing generic but adding local things and feelings :smiley:

By the way what does “choque de Monstro” means? (Apart from 2 heavy weights facing)

PS: I always thought Maya was from Southern México. They changed it in this KI ?

Hahahahahahahaha …
All right: IG could make an Argentine, naturalized Brazilian as a character. That would please everyone !!
Exactly! They put a Gaúcho in the game, and other characters representing some regions of our Country.
One example: The character Lourenço (Trajes Fatais) uses the clothes typical of the cowboys of the Northeastern region of Brazil. Because it is a desert-like region in some states, the vegetation is made up of cacti and shrubs full of thorns, and leather clothing helps protect their rider.
Lourenço also represents the movement of the Cangaço, for that reason he is called “Cangaçeiro” in the game. The Cangaço was a movement led by Virgulino Ferreira and his wife, Maria Bonita, and took the terror by the northeast region of Brazil for many years. The “Choque do Monstro” is one of the slang used by the brazilians for the very, very strong blow.
Here in Brazil, the slang and some pronunciations change according to the region, and Lourenço uses some very common slang in the Northeast, like “Olha a pexêra!” (pexêra is a knife or a dagger, that they use a lot), and “Voo do Carcará Impiedoso”. Carcará is a hawk variety, common throughout the Brazilian territory, but with a strong presence in the Northeastern states of Brazil.
Like the character Lourenço, the character Gaúcho (yes, it is correct), represents the slang and traditions of those who live in the Southern Region of Brazil, especially those who live in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The clothing is typical of the cowboys of that region , and this tradition is very strong in this region of the country. Some terms and words of the character may be familiar, since Brazil and the neighboring countries to the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Santa Catarina (Southern Region) have very similar traditions.
As for Maya, yes they changed her story well: Maya Fallengeros has Brazilian parents, but they do not live in our country (nor in the state of Acre), but she has a history one University that she study and attended in the state of São Paulo, Brasil.


Thanks Liz!, loved the info =)
Muito obrigada

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