Training Partner/Coach

I started playing early season 2 and didn’t get serious until the last few months of it. I managed to climb my way into Killer and was pretty okay. I then stopped playing for various reasons (mkx new netkode hype) and started back up at season 3s launch. I am complete garbage now and can barely pull my way through Bronze, full of former killers. It’s clear I need some help and randos online aren’t the best option most of the time. So can anyone give me a hand at stepping up my KI game overall? I’d appreciate a consistent coach or partner to play with a few times a week.

I currently play Cinder and Fulgore. I’m learning Glacius and want to pick up Arbiter and/or Shago. I also need to relearn Kan-Ra properly but that’s a backburner project.

Look up @GalacticGeek he’s willing to help very nice no salt involved either.

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In the forums search bar type in Killer Instinct Academy. On that thread there are plenty of ppl to help.

Ill look him up, thanks

Will do, appreciate it.

Hi! I hear somebody’s looking for me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure am. I’m looking for a general training to relearn a lot KI fundamentals. I have it down in theory but I need practice in a good environment. So not ranked or player match essentially

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Well, since there is no online training mode, I do all of my training sessions via exhibition. I’m avalialbe after 3 p.m. eastern on weekdays and mostly all day throughout the weekends. :wink:

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Cool, I’m assuming your GT is the same as your name here

Kind of… Put a space in between the words, like so:
GalacticGeek = Galactic Geek


Do you do mic while playing or messages?

I usually use party chat, and I prefer Kinect over mic due to my hearing aids that I wear, but I can do either - your preference.

Here you go!