Training KI in 1994


Anyone else used to do this?

I would take notes on how to do the motions and then practice in a paper with a drawn arcade pad on it (stick with a rectangle, buttons as circles…) can’t find the pad drawing tho I know I have it somewhere. Found someFulgore notes! The typing machine, lol.

I was able to go to the arcades only during summer time, when spending my vacations in another city. Knowing the motions before helped me a lot when I was at the real thing. Well, it was the best way I found to deal with the impossibilities of playing often. Until I got the SNES version :smiley: (but the arcade was what I liked the most).

G = stands for P. P = stands for K


I still have my KI and MK books with note book paper and move lists like yours. I also have the Brady games Ki and MK books from 94. Those were the days!


Indeed! I have the old magazines as well :grin:
I’m guessing I had such great moments during that time that I can understand loving KI1 so much.


I remember doing this. I would spend time studying the move lists I wrote so that when I got the chance to play it on the SNES, I would be ready. I also wasn’t able to hit the arcade back in '95 by myself, so instead I would spend a lot of time attempting my own art and letting my imagination run wild with it.

The good thing for me was when summer hit, my brother and I had a house sitting job, and they had an SNES. We were able to rent Killer Instinct and play that for a while. By the time I moved out, I had thrown away all of my notes. Didn’t think I would need them. I never realized I would buy an SNES in '08. Of course by then the internet had tons of moves lists, but still, there is something powerful about writing it down yourself.


I didn’t do this with KI but I used to sit and practice fireball and dragon punch motions for SF2 this way.


I remember when I was playing Samurai Shodown 2 on emulator in times when I had no Internet connection. When AI was doing special moves, the inputs were shown under his health bar, and I was noting them.