Training dummy record doesn't replay

Yeah i couldn’t find anything on the forum on this. So i can move the dummy when i put dummy mode on record but it doesn’t replay when i put it on replay in the training-menu. Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug? I’m playing on Windows 10.

This happens sometimes and I don’t know why. I always just do the recording again and it works the second time though. I think once I’ve had it not work until I went back to character select and repicked characters but that was really rare.

Tried it doesn’t work dummy still does nothing.

Make sure you are in the recording menu. For instance: if I put record ,then change the menú to other parameters to adjust (choose music/display combo state/etc) and then put replay it may not work.

Thx for the tipp but it still doesn’t work. At least now i know it’s a bug and i’m not too stupid to use the training mode :D.