Training Dummy Breaker bug?

I’m curious if this behaviour was intended or not.

Training Dummy Combo Breaking Auto Doubles.

there are only two possibilities:

  1. I enter auto-double and dummy breaks it.
  2. I enter auto-double + counter breaker and dummy does not break it. leading to whiffed counter breaker.

It looks like a bug or training defect for me. This mode has a potential to teach me how to counter-break my own auto-doubles on reaction but not manuals. And as far as I can see it’s just impossible here.

Maybe I’m missing something. Any devs or players comments?

Use the combo breaker trainingng mode if you want to learn how to break manuals.

It’s an interesting issue. Looks like you have to insert the breaker just as the hit connects. The AI can be counterbroken - though I can’t say for the training opponent.

yes. The dummy will break that auto-double, but it won’t if I enter counter-breaker before.
That’s an issue.

also if I put 10-20 or Random frames for breaker result is the same.

I’ve tested this extensively. You can get a counter break if set 1-5. The only problem is getting it to work consistently.