Trailblazer is not safe to all dragon punch

dragon puch mean is inbincible skill. like jago tiger fury.

if trailblazer 1hit guard? and use reverser dragon punch.

dragon punch all win trailblazer.

HK trailblazer is same. (but this is only close range possible 1hit guard after dragon punch. )

but long lange trailblazer is safe to guard. only this!!

middle lange trailblazer, close trailblzer is not safe to guard.
if u trailblazer guard, u don’t care 2nd trailblazer.
u just use dragon punch,

this is cinder main skill. but not safe by all dragon punch.


Makes sense to me!

Only max range trailblazer is safe to 3f reversals. If you ever do mid-range trailblazer, it’s always a free DP, even if he tries to do 2nd trailblazer. If he ever does the heavy one (that’s -3), it’s a DP punish as long as you’re close enough.

Could be worded better but you’re right. You have to space it properly. It used to be worse before. It’s not true for all characters, but it is true for main DP characters like Jago and Orchid.

So just to add some conversation to this, is this something you think should be changed, or is fine just the way it is?

Well I can understand why the priority would be low. A move that can be used to change directions like how it is right now would be powerful if it had the priority of, say, Glacius’ Cold Shoulder for example. Having it be more unsafe on block if spaced poorly means you have to plan your moves carefully. This is one of the reasons the MU sucks against Jago tbh. So I think it’s fine the way it is now, but I wouldn’t mind changes.

tbh I can understand this but if ya ask me Shadow Trailblazer is the worst move compared to normal trailblazer Cinder really has since it not only lacks the ability to turn, but it also gets low priority and doesn’t really go that far unless you hit the opponent with a fired-up Inferno.

I think if they gave the move a lot more range it’d give me a better incentive to use it cause right now aside from going through projectiles or maybe linking up a few good combos it’s not really that good especially when Jago’s shadow wind-kick goes even further than Cinders. If it’s one move I’d certainly change, it’s Shadow Trailblazer.

Shadow trailblazer is used quite a lot to confirm from well spaced inferno, sometimes creating n unbreakable confirm. Giving it bigger range would actually be a tone down, in this aspect.

It doesn’t need to be a mobility tool, cinder’s mobility is awesome as it is through the air, and with fired up inferno as good as it is, he doesn’t need better mobility on the ground.

I guess I’m confused why shadow trailblazer needs to be anything except a go-through-projectiles move and a confirm off full screen inferno.

That sounds incredibly useful to me and if he never uses shadow trailblazer except for those reasons, the move sounds very good.

What else do you want it to do?


I think the concern stems more from its lack of priority than its utility.

I’m assuming he was saying that if it has such bad priority, give it more utility to make up for it. Else just fix the priority (correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth).

Personally, I would just go with changing its priority than giving it more utility.