Trading Cards - Season 1

I would love some feedback on these. Im a huge fan of KI since 95. Couldnt be happier that it is back. I made a bunch of cards earlier this year but that got me thinking of trying to make something a bit more propper.


Looks awesome!
However, if the textbox is bright, you should use black text. That, or make the texbox dark instead and keep the white text. White text in a bright text box makes it somewhat difficult to read then.

Would love to see one with Orchid and Tusk! :smiley:


Thanks. There are a few on their way. Most are at this stage. Good point I will take that into consideration and make some adjustments. On my devianart page there are a few others. Mikazukiman


I like it. It has all the basic info for the character in a concise manner. Only thing I would say, is maybe Jago should be a little bit more to the right of the card…? Maybe its just me but something about his positioning is throwing me off.
I would love to see any others you have.

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Thanks. I have put some thought into that also. I may move them to the right a bit. I may make the red column wider. I will post a couple more and see what you guys are thinking

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What do you think about the text at the bottom being black?

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Just finishing up the last 3 cards for season 1. I am thinking to make Shadow Jago the Boss card for season 1. Aria the boss card for season 2 and (Im Guessing here) Gargos for season 3. If they do a season 4 then Eyedol will be for that. #FourSeasons&aMovie

A really nice add to the cards would be character emblems just below the character name

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Use white text with either a border (or stroke) or dropped shadow.

Thanks. I was thinking that. I understand where TheIncubusLord is coming from. I have to figure that out.

Also, either try to keep the Special Moves confined to the vertical band you’ve created, or widen the band to accommodate the width of the special move icons and move names across the cast.

Your information section also appears very scrunched, so perhaps giving a slight bump in line spacing would be better for the reader here.

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Thanks. Yes that has been addressed and changed. I made a few changes since I posted those pics. I have almost finished up season 1 now. I will post them all up tomorrow for viewing :slight_smile:

Shadow Jago has a move called “Dark Fury” what are the inputs? as I dont know. (Dont have the game here) Thanks if you can get back to me

I hope to make stuff for next years Killer Instinct World Cup contestants

It’s too small to see any of the cards here.

It should be a decent size. Are you viewing it on your phone? If you would like to see better quality please check out my deviant art page. Just search for Mikazukiman.


Let me know what you guys think. Season 2 almost finished. Season 3 is halfway as you can guess. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by

Wish I could zoom into the picture to read the text D:

Thanks for checking them out :slight_smile: I would post them all here but I dont want to get banned for spamming. Here you can see them clearly

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