Tradeoff for three stages?

Apologies if it was answered already and I didn’t see it, but has IG gone on record yet as to why we are only getting three stages or how each of the Season 3 character themes will work if there are only stages for three of them?

I imagine the remaining 5 stages will follow later and its only three for now to meet the launch window, but getting solid info from the devs would be nice.

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hmm…maybe turned stages??cause its technically the same??? O.O just speculation

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If by turned, you mean variations of current ones, then that has also been… well not completely deconfirmed. Rukari said that were they doing something like that, they probably would have announced it with the news of the 3 stages.

I’m afraid the tradeoff is simply the new lightning

Probably still too early to say definitively, but I believe the tradeoffs are the new lighting, the new shadow effects and the PC port. Those 3 things took away resources to work on more stages. That’s my guess at least.

That’s not true and I can prove it!


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Oh Snap. You did. :open_mouth:

I am a little disappointed that these expansions to other parts of the game weren’t discussed at the press event on the 25th.

i think we’ll have the stages later.even though they are not planned yet a lot of people are asking for them including me.i believe if they made a fund for the stages it would be a success faster than shago’s. everybody wants the stages and i think IG know that (i think that IG also wants the stages for theirselves). i don’t know how much money,time or work a stage needs to be done, but if they are free from other things about the game 4-5 stages can happen in about 3 months.

the new lightings are beautiful btw.

i have a feeling that season 4 is going to happen… this game is going so smooth.