Tourney pressure


Hi there! I was rewatching some of the fights I played yesterday and I barely recognize myself. It’s funny because this happens to me during offline tourneys but didn’t expected the same in online. I still prefer offline, but if both affect my gameplay then it means I can work this out in online too, as training.

I’m guessing the only way to overcome the pressure is just playing, right? Because I can’t believe some things I’m doing. I get some of the decisions I make but then I rewatch and see myself eating 1 million hails from Glacius because I don’t want to eat X person pressure. While other Glacius I play very different, like not jumping and approaching in a different way. Dunno…I choke, and choke and choke.

During the rest of advancing matches I start playing closer to the way I want, but the initial steps are quite bad. How do you work the mentality to just give the best you can give and play as good as you can?


The more you try to fix this the worse you will probably make it. It’s because you are worrying about something you don’t normally worry about when you play. I might suggest playing some matches to get in the right mindset before the tournament but really it’s just one of those things.


I have the same problem as well. It’s pretty bad as well. I’m doing dumb things and losing to people i normally have no problem or at least have a chance against.

@ItzTymeToDul helped me with this,simply saying that you need to just keep putting yourself in that situation over and over until it becomes second nature.

Another i like to do is calm down and try not to over think. I remember a tourney where i did really bad in the start and i felt horrible. I ended up just talking with dul for a bit to help me relax and it lead to some better games. Look for something that can keep your mind clear. But most importantly just keep putting yourself in the situation.

If you have anything else to add as well Dul I’d appreciate it


I like to just pretend that its not a tournament and that Im Just playing some bum in Exhibition. So dont have Twitch on your laptop with the chat going, dont have the forums up. Just play the match and pretend nothing matters and just HAVE FUN! Thats the best way to avoid competitive online gitters.


I used that strategy when playing Gears UE offline tourney, it really worked! Until a very drunk and disturbing guy got so close to me to “coach” me that I lost my focus. Still not complaining, it was my fault that situation ended up affecting me.


It would affect me too. It’s good to be stoic and to focus on what you can control but it’s okay to complain about things that really are beyond your control.


The thing is,that guy acted as the tourney organizer while he was not. He used to be known among old Gears players and kind of took control of the tourney.
Most of the competitors were young, and would be scared of this man. Can’t blame them, the guy seems someone you don’t want to have problems.
In that case, that person ruins the scene. And I decided I wouldn’t go to another tourney ,not for what I told above, but because that same guy (40 years old more or less) threatened a 19 year old kid based on a mistake (online fight) ,that could have ended up really awful. I got very upset when I saw the scene and face him too. The teens were calm, but I couldn’t believe what I was watching. He ruined a very good experience of a tourney run by a small community.
Anyway,there are no more Gears tourneys anyway :frowning: