Tournament Idea: Your Top 8

I’ve been thinking about a different kind of tournament setup to shake things up a bit. Joining the RCTs was quite a lot of fun and I wanted to provide the same sort of fun in a new way. So I thought of a tournament where the entrants vote for the matchup they’d most like to see (except their own) and we tally up those results to get our Top 8. Here’s how it would work.

  • 8 participants (any more and we create separate divisions of 8)
  • Entries will be made via PM so no one knows who else entered. I (or whoever the organiser will be) will receive the entrants and log them up into random divisions.
  • Once entries are done, all entrants are sent a list of participants in their division and asked to vote for the matches they’d most like to see. (I realize there is scope for manipulation and gaining favorable matchups, but I can only ask that people think of the entertainment value rather than winning since this is about fun).
  • We tabulate the results of these votes, the popular matches win and we set up the bracket with that.
  • Stream is not necessary, though recording and sharing of the matches will be encouraged.

So what do you guys think? Any ideas, improvements or suggestions are welcome.