TotalBiscuit recommends KI

It’s nice to be getting this kind of exposure so late into this game’s life, I just figured I’d post for those of you that haven’t seen it. Bring on the new blood? :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t shake the feeling that tells me he has been paid for this material.

He makes these long pauses as if he did not exactly know what to say, idk.

It never ceases to amaze me how conspiratorial people get whenever someone likes something…MS paying off a mildly popular YouTuber/caster at this point in the game’s life would be one of most interesting wastes of money I’ve ever heard about.

“He pauses strangely” is a new one on me though, so points for originality I guess.


In all seriousness, it’s probably his British-ness that makes his speech patterns different from American ‘Tubers, he also doesn’t know the actual term for a lot of the stuff he’s speaking about, speaking about a lot of the game’s features in laymen’s terms. Lastly I don’t see someone who dubs themselves as “The Cynical Brit” getting paid off on youtube, it’s just not cricket, ol’ chap.


The pauses are more down to how he’s recording it all in one go. It’s not edited and there doesn’t seem to be a script. He’s just talking about what he sees on screen. Even at the end, you can tell he goes to quit shadow lords but doesn’t realise you can’t back out during the tutorial so he just starts talking about the pause menu music that plays the KI theme as you scroll up and down.

Seems like an honest video to me. Doesn’t go over board. I agree with his statements. Tons of content, good value for money etc.

Also, it would be suicidal on MS/KIs part to pay for positive content. If that ever got out the backlash would be immense. The game is currently very positive on steam too. I left a good review and I didn’t get paid for it and I suspect the other positive reviewers didn’t also


Exactly this, this is why I enjoyed seeing this video so much so late in the game’s life, the positive things about the game (content, game play) are pretty damn solid and you’d be pretty hard pressed to say otherwise in light of KI’s competitors, not only that but they’ve been pretty fundamentally solid for a long time now. It’s not to say Ki isn’t without it’s problems, he simply doesn’t go into detail about any of them here specifically.

Ah yes, I saw that, the Steam reviews are like a pick and mix of “hey, I know that guy from the forums!” which is pretty fun to see, to be honest. :smiley:

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TB wouldn’t make a sponsored video without telling people that the video is sponsored. He’s been very adamant about this topic.


Yes… Microsoft would pay arguably THE biggest whistleblower on YouTube to give praises for a game they gave virtually no marketing budget for.

You should watch more total biscuit videos. He just records them all in one take. It’s his style.


I watched/played against him when he streamed KI, and he seemed to be enjoying himself quite a lot. I’d say it’s pretty genuine


Well, if I am wrong, its awesome. I’m just suspicious when something KI related breaks 2000 views.

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TB has a big following too, so you need to take that into account as well.

Hey, I remember running into that guy on ranked! It was rather fun beating him. :grin: I’m glad to hear he’s enjoying the game.

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the more exposure the better i say, steam should bring in a ton of new ppl who have been waiting to play but couldnt for whatever reason. nothin conspiratorial about that, lol


I’m pleased to see he likes the game. Shame I can’t get into the ranked action though atm. Still need to get my hands on the Steam version.

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Well, there wont be much Steam people because they think f2p meant you unlock chars by playing, and that KI Gold is pay2win mechanic.

I am serious.

give it time and let the review system do its work. guys will post up informative ones, and the smart ones will spread the word it aint pay2win. dumb fuckks bring that up all the time in any game, and they get shut down for it

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It shouldn’t take too long to figure out that KI Gold is used for next to nothing in game, sounds like the “Steam people” making these claims aren’t too bright, a game that’s as feature rich as KI is with everything unlockable through play including all characters is a level of good to to be true I don’t think any modern game studio is actually capable of, let alone how unrealistic that would be.

On Xbox and the Win10 store KI is already the single most generous game demo ever and the current asking price on Steam is well worth it for everything you get, I just wish it’d been under that price blanket when I originally picked it up in 2016.

I put a bit of the blame on the way KI is displayed on Steam right now for that, though. If you scroll down a bit you’ll see tons of items for “KI Gold” in the DLC section that look extremely micro-transation-y. When you boot the game you’re given your daily goals (which award you different currencies) and it shows your KI Gold total at the top always. If you don’t know how the game works I think it’s pretty easy to assume it has microtransactions.


I’ll be honest, looking at the page now, with no guide for what KI Gold is actually for and it appearing in the store list below the game, the bundled version with the soundtrack and the soundtrack itself, without seemingly any explanation, I can see where the misinformation might be spreading from. I think upon my first viewing of the Steam page, I was taking for granted the fact that I already knew what it was for and therefore just skimmed over it. Note to self, don’t take things for granted.

Some people do seem to have cottoned on, however, I just read a review that states “Lots of stuff to unlock and nothing is behind a paywall.” I guess we just have to wait for the flow of information and keep everything crossed and to spread correct and informed information whenever we can. :slight_smile:

Here’s TB playing the game in a stream:

We’ll see some familiar names playing against him too. :wink: