Top Iconic Esports Moments in KI

Hey, guys, I need some help with something real quick. I want to know what are your top competitive ICONIC Esports moments in KI’s history? From hype, salt, rivalries, emotional moments, and 1000IQ plays. It helps if this moment was on stream or video please link it if you can, and if you have multiple of them. Thanks


Yeah that Cinder stuff was so hype, sucks that they of course patched it out. :expressionless:

He still has bomb loops. It’s just almost entirely unbreakable now, instead of completely unbreakable.

It was hype once. If people were still doing 45 seconds of unbreakable bomb combos after two years no one would think it was hype.

I thought for sure this would have been posted by now.

Who p*ssed in your Cheerios?

Bottom line is a lot of the stuff that made the game fun was removed or made exceedingly difficult/useless, that’s my take. But hey since you’ve made the worldly claim that this was ‘only hype once’ I guess your opinion wins.

Jesus no wonder no one comes to this forum anymore lol.

Lol, wat are you on about? It wasn’t even that much of a comment. If you want to watch people do the same infinite loop over and over again for two years and claim that it’s hype that’s fine by me. But I don’t think it’s a radical suggestion that the third year in a row where someone pulled this off the crowd wouldn’t be thrilled.

Still, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize fawning agreement was the only type of communication allowed on the forums. My bad. I didn’t mean to bruise your snowflake ego by making a comment.

Lol ah so we’re insulting each other now? The mark of any intelligent discourse.

It’s funny how you responded to my initial post with some quite obvious feelings about me liking bomb loops but you’re calling me the snowflake…

  1. Bomb loops are still in the game.
  2. Keep the conversation on topic and civil.

"Post Mortem" on Bomb Loop

While Bomb loop does exist and Domi’s EVO performance is iconic, Losing two thirds of a lifebar because you got hit by a DP is insane. Having to hold 40% with a 1/3 chance is still useful (I don’t play Cinder,40% was the number s0undy gave me) and bomb loops is not exceedingly difficult (If there was something exceedingly difficult in KI I would say it would be jump cancels into crouching normals or something like that but I think that’s still doable) They just aren’t as powerful because the things that made bomb loops worse were

  • a bug fix to scaling since pyrobomb detonation didn’t actually move scaling along
  • a system wide change to make sure unbreakable combos didn’t exist

What Andy said isn’t specifically wrong or correct. People value different things. I personally disagree due to me thinking 20 seconds isn’t too long for a combo and strong tools usually setup the foundation interesting decisions in a game. I don’t think people lost interest in UMvC3 once players could do TAC infinites consistently. Its an interesting topic what makes an iconic moment but I am fine dropping it since its a little too heated for too little reason.


  • Storm perfecting Wheels

  • The Amenty Shin counterpick at CB2018(<- This is super personal and I understand how someone would omit this)

  • Finally the BEST moment never recorded, Runex hitting rico with demonic despair and bouncing him out at ninth EVO 2016