Top 3 guest characters for Soul Calibur 6

What do you really want see to new guest character for new Soul Calibur 6?

3 - Venom

2 - Reptile

1 - Death

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Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Any new news on SC6…?

Nope. We don’t know if will there be SC6. But what so you want see to new guest for SC6?

I’m not too big on guest characters, but if I had to chose… it would probably be another Assassin Creed Character but from the latest AC games.

Shovel Knight

Your first two picks wouldn’t really fit into a Soul Calibur game, as for me.

Arbiter with Energy Sword
Kaim Argonar

Not super into Soul Calibur, but if they were going to do guest characters, they should at least provide a unique one for each console (rather than just for a single console, like MK9 w/ Kratos)

So -possibly for laughs- I made a little wish list.

Xbox: Spinal/Sabrewulf
Playstation: Kratos/Crash Bandicoot :stuck_out_tongue:
Nintendo: Bayonetta
PC(?): Gordon Freeman

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I thought he was in one… I wanted something PlayStation but other then Kratos 3rd party characters tend to come to mind. Especially when it comes to weapon characters.

1.) A Tekken character. We’ve got Heihachi already in SCII and Devil Jin’s Soul in SCV, so why not either…

  • Jin (regular self)
  • Lars
  • Claudio
  • Kazuya
  • Gigas

2.) Keith Martin from Time Crisis 5
If you don’t know who that is, check this out (start at 24:30 mark, he’s the guy with the eyepatch and katana):

3.) Raiden from Metal Gear (in his Rising incarnation)

I know, Venom and Reptile are not fit into a SC game. But Death is really perfect for Soul Calibur game. Because he had scythes.