Tooling out Zoners (KISS)

So… there are many of us having trouble setting the pace, or finding a tempo with this under played brute of a character. In many scenarios there are ways to render your opponents zoning tactics uneless, but bare in mind that patience is definitely a virtue in accordance to thunders play style. Yes, being great at pressure & manuals help tremendously, but knowing when to attack an insane zoner & be in tune with your spacing is relatively 75% of the battle. Thunder is a character whose luxuries are rewarded per hard read. Here are some simple tools I think work great against class A top tier zoners.

  1. Block.
  2. Safe Jump to command grab.
  3. DP whiff (in moderation) through projectiles to command grab.
  4. Delay sky fall on a blocked DP for an 50% trade opportunity, if not a 100% hit confirm.

The only character that is questionable in accordance to Thunder is Kan-Ra. Everyone else is fair game.

If you rely on gimmicks Thunder is simply not the character for you. He doesn’t have any gimmicks. This character requires a though process, so play wisely.

I simply use a mix of empty jumps and dash-ins to get ~half-screen distance and then smash into them with his reach. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not going to lie. Shago, Glacius, Kan-Ra, & Orchid have been raping my spirit lately lololol.

Also, don’t forget his overhead has amazing range. Like, nearly half the screen. Plus you can cancel it into Light Triplax to make it safer. Or if you already have a CotS charged, dash cancel out of the Triplax to the other side and hit Light Ankle Slicer (Or Heavy if fighting Glacius, to avoid his Puddle Punch).

Just curious but is there anyway Thunder can get in on a full meter Fulgore?

Maybe it’s just me, but his shadow dp should recap. Just sayin! Lmao

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I always thought more season 1 characters needed the ability to recap. Thunder’s shadow dp would be an awesome recap if they changed up the animation a tad bit. Good suggestion, dude

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I’ve been playing a bunch of Ranked Matches today as Thunder and the only issue in regards to zoning I’ve come across is a Shago who would TP back to full screen and throw fireballs, as soon as I got close and went for a grab BAM, TP straight back to the other corner…rinse and repeat.

It was the first time I ever played a Shadow Jago so I was confounded on what I should do. Apart from that being zoned out doesn’t affect me too much but I’ve just made it to Silver Tier so that could be why.