Too much CPU blocking

I’ve been a fan of KI since it came out on Super Nintendo, and I noticed on the new one there’s way too much blocking and immediate counters. It’s not really fun when they block 99% of your moves and combos and when you try to do a low kick or high attack they instantly block it because they’re a computer and think quicker. And and soon as you stop, they counter faster than the speed of light. Easy is too easy for me, but the more difficult settings I have to deal with too much blocking and it get annoying

Moving this to Suggestions/Feedback, but I think I’ll chime in.
The AI I’m this game is pretty finicky. It’s typically got times when it will either block everything or block nothing. It also has a tendancy to read your inputs a bit. The best solution is to try blocking yourself and waiting for the computer to do something so you can react to it. Though some characters and styles cam work well. If you memorize some block strings with some relativrly safe attacks or throw in some zoning, eventually you WILL open the AI up. It’s a bit of a pain but the computer fighters can be exploited.

Alternatively, give Shadow AI a try! The shadows are based on the tendencies of real human players so they’ll be much more varied and reliable training partners, even if they are pretty easy to trick once you get the hang of it.

Play Shadow Lab and Shadow Survival

All AI in all fighting games are terrible, KI is no exception. There’s really no good way to make a standalone AI that doesn’t involve reading your inputs and doing dumb stuff outside the realm of human play.

Fortunately, KI has the “shadows” AI system, which tries to mimic data taken from real human matches. It’s a much better, much more fun way to play the game. I really wish the devs gave you more ways to interact with this system, but even in its current form it’s 10000x better than the standard AI.


Best way to play vs AI is similar to the old KIs, you block and punish when they give themselves away with an unsafe move (Orchid slide). Yes, this KI is totally harder to react to most of the cast specials. It’s also true that in older KIs they wouldn’t always block lows, still they would break your combo even double break a combo breaker. Really strange stuff happened when playing the old AI in it’s highest difficulty.

Yeah, standard AI is pretty crap to play against. I recommend doing the Shadow Lab activities - the AI there is a lot more fun to fight, since it behaves decently human.

Thanks for the input guys. I took the advice and been playing more shadows than AI…it’s definitely a mix of all skills, don’t know what you’re gonna get until the match starts.

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I’ll also mention on the other hand, what’s equally very annoying is after blocking all attempts to hit, they’ll counter with a 20-30 hit combo, then another one back to back, and the next round another 20-30 hit combo, then and ultra…doesn’t seem to matter if you’re a good fighter or not it’s like the luck if the draw. I love playing the game especially shadow lords, and I shouldn’t be limited to just playing shadows, I just wish there was a way to get a hold of the game makers and tell em to tone it down just a bit.

Sounds like a bigger underlying issue here is you need to improve your Combo Breaker game. In KI, being hit with a combo will only happen if you allow it. Learning how to effectively use Combo Breakers is one of the most important skills you can develop in the entire game. I’d reccomend practicing your breaking skills and looking for recognizable patterns to break. Here’s a tip: Lower difficulty AI opponents will almost always use Heavy Auto Doubles (i.e. one of the easiest things to break in the game), so look for those.

Also, perhaps rather than trying in vain to open up the AI, maybe try playing more relatively by blocking THEIR attacks and waiting for THEM to be vulnerable.

And if you don’t want to fight the AI, the best way to learn and improve is to make some friends to play with. There’s lots of people here on the forums who’re looking for sparring partners and who are more than willing to lend a hand to someone trying to up their game!