Too many spammers in this game

Something has to be done about the ease at which people use cheap tactics to win.You see, tournament players play legit because they cant play cheat if not they will be exposed. Online people dont give a damn. When i lose against good players I feel good about myself for even being able to land some hits. But when I lose against rash players who abuse wrecking ball into lp spam recapture it hurts. Even when you know what to do some moves are just too op. Im afraid KI is unique and all but is too yolo. another is kim wu who will spam her low kicks to death… Another Jago will spam DP or yolo windkick and disme when I use arbiter then win. Since season 3 launced Im getting rekt like I was new to KI

Maybe you can work on this thing called blocking? Yolo DP is easily punished if blocked. Kim Wu’s low aren’t that great. Windkick solves itself. Maybe you can get better?


Nah man it’s called git gud. I understand there are certain things that seen unfair but you have to ask others if they have the same problem before you deem it something is not. Rash wrecking ball is so negative on block.

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Okay I would re learn Ki then

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