Too lazy to sift through old threads: DirectInput

I found a thread that apparently proclaimed DI support was on the way but by the end, people seemed really grumpy or pissed off about it.

So what’s the 4-1-1? Did DirectInput support ever come to KI? Because I’ve been holding off playing the PC version until I could effectively use my Hori FC4 with the game.

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Are you talking about Microsoft stick support?

They said yesterday that pc stick support is coming “very soon.”

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No. DirectInput is PlayStation sticks/controllers.

I sort of doubt that MS is looking to provide PlayStation stick support on Widows 10. I could be wrong, but I think historically it was Sony/3rd parties who created the software to get the DualShock and other PS accessories to work on PC.

The answer to your needs :slight_smile:

The developers have said that they will be adding DI support to Killer Instinct at some point. However it’s not certain when or how far they are along to actually implementing it.

Any updates regarding this? I pretty much can use my Hitbox in every game without additional software except for this game and this game alone. These software are never latency free, it would be a very nice quality of life update if this game finally supported the sticks that most PC players use nowadays.