Tons of Disconnects?

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So I recently picked up this game again and decided to try out online for the first time. However, I’ve had a fair few instances where I go to pick a character, and it says I’m disconnected cause the opponent left. Now once or twice is no big deal. However, this has happened at least like 7 or 8 times in an hour. I even got played in “probation” from so many disconnects. I thought my internet was up to par.

However, could it be my connection? Or am I just incredibly unlucky with a bug I don’t know about? Any insight would be great as to what’s causing the disconnects. Thanks!!
(Edit: It happened in Exhibition as well. It seems the opponent disconnects??)

It may be something related to your connection. It’s working fine for me and I play online everyday. PS: I play on Xbox one.

While rage quits or disconnects are not super uncommon (I’ll typically see 3-5 in a multihour play session), to see so many in an hour is pretty rare. On some occasions the game will keep matching you up with the same guy who you got d/c’d from, and in those instances seeing repeated disconnects is definitely a thing. But if the opponents are all different, then yeah, that really shouldn’t be happening. May want to check your NAT type or other connection settings just to be on the safe side.