Tommorow's KI World Cup Season 3 Preview Predictions!

Hey guys, I thought it’d be fun to do a last minute prediction thread on what will go down tomorrow during the Season 3 preview.

Personally I think there will be a ton of new changes. The amount of time in the presentation makes it seem like they have a ton of stuff to show off and even then that won’t be the full changes of Season 3.

Secondly am going to have to guess that a new character is shown off tomorrow and it won’t be Kim Wu. Am saying that just because they did that with Cinder last time.

Anyways these are just wild predictions. What are your thoughts? Maybe make a bingo card for tomorrow?

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The debut/premiere of Kim Wu’s official trailer. Enough said :wink: :smile: :sunglasses:

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As excited as I have been for this all week long, due to my incredibly busy day today, I had completely forgotten about that! You, my friend, just elevated my day from a great day to an absolutely incredible day. Thanks! :smiley:

It will be Kim Wu with a quick look at about 6 other characters in flashes

Kim Wu, Guest character tease, possibly also future returning character tease (like Cinder’s tease). A whole lot of balance changes, sweet new UI. Just S3 overall :heart_eyes: I can’t wait.

#Aganos gets an invisibility power up.

#Also Spinal buffs



With 3 hours put aside for S3 showcase, it seems like there’ll be a full rundown of 1 new character and another full rundown of S3 mechanics in general.

I really don’t think Kim Wu will be that character like you say in the OP. They’ll Cinder her IMO.

Rash will obviously be there, but I doubt the second guest will.

To close it all off, we’ll be treated to the Tusk trailer and teaser for the 4th character, who’ll be ready for release date.

Yes, S3 will open with 4 characters on release and the next 4 will be updated in the months to come.

Oh and they’ll probably show an example of cross-play between Xbone and PC or just the PC port.

My thoughts:

-Rash, Kim Wu and a new character
-Kan-Ra and Maya are the two “reworks”. Still have doubts with Maya, could be Spinal
-Season 3 trailer similar to season 2, with teases of each character
-Nerfs for Wulf, Spinal and Kan-Ra
-Buffs for Glacius, Omen and Aganos
-New UI
-Final release date

Season 3 Change List - overview and demo of existing characters with Keits
Rash demo
Kim Wu demo
Season 3 overview (maybe a release date? maybe pre-order info?)

Sadira buffs including 150% unbreakable damage combo, quadruple jump, and the return of the unbreakable demon blade jump cancel! WOOT!

In truth, I don’t care what it is… I CAN’T WAAAAAAIIIIIT!

omen needs some more clothes on him


New guest character announcement
Kim Wu trailer
Season 3 teaser
Rebalancing information

New stage for day of stream
Costume announcements