Toggle on/off for big characters zoom-out

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  • no

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I’d like to be able to have a toggle option to avoid the zoom out that happens when there’s a big character on screen. Even if it was disabled in ranked or online play, I’d like to be able to see the massive characters cluttering the screen with disregard of the UI, to feel their massiveness.

What about you?


Maybe a slight zoom in/out would suffice. That’s just me.

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The funny thing is why even vote no…

A toggle would be a option and only visible to the one that put the toggle on/off

Tbh i hate fighting the huge characters with a “normal” size characters due to the zoom out. It messes with my timing for some unknown reasons.


They feel it’s useless and don’t want to take up a programmer’s time? Don’t really care what their reasoning may be, this is a good idea. The camera for normal-sized characters is great and this should be an option.

It would also be great for nice screenshots

Oh, sure. Let’s just make big character live bars basically invisible.

That totally won’t cause any problems.

As long as it’s a conscious decision, why not. It could be limited to single player or local modes even.

That’s why gameplay is put first at the moment. But wouldn’t the effect of a toggle be visible to each individual player? Like the level 4 ender toggle, just an assumption.

Anyway, the point is that making huge characters fit the screen, causes you to play other characters sort of “from a distance”. A big character like Tusk who I play because he is so big now loses that visual impact. The people asking for a toggle are suggesting a way to enjoy a character’s size regardless of who they are facing off against. And basically to enhance their experience.

Once again, the problem is the life bars. Even if you think that changing the camera to normal is a good idea, I can almost guarantee you will regret it. The big characters would block any life bars they’re standing in front off, which could potential hurt players perception of how the match is going. That is very valuable information.

some players have the lifebars at the bottom just like some having shadow bars at the top or like me at the very top with cut off portraits

There is no it would not work - it would not work for you would be the right wording

And as a side note scalable ui elements would be nice too - like moving a single shadow bar more to the middle and make it smaller

But the zoom out should be an option

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If I am making that conscious decision is for cosmetic value, I would not enable it in competitive play, only in casual. Most of the time I play survival in easy difficulty to grind xp and I don’t care about life bars