Hi guys im wondering if today there wil be a anouncement at the weekly stream, cause after months to try dealing with that sadira saison 3, i feel really excited to see what’s goin to happen to her.

So if someone know something about please let me know.

at this moment im like : im burning inside.

Feel stressed AF. the wait is long. save me please :sweat:

@SoSRaGnArOk help me sister spider, how do you do to contain your hype with that sadira changes?

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My secret to containing the hype is…

I’m hyped all the time. :joy: (play off of Bruce Banner’s line right before he turns into the Hulk on The Avengers).


Im excited. I havent been playing KI, and i DONT expect this patch to do anything dramatic, but i think it will be a nice indicator of this games future.

I know it may sound strange but… If the “Love” weve seen before is noticible in this patch, it will restore a lot of hope for the game.

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Yeah broh. i think the same on here. if the patch 3.4 make a real balancing and everybody happy. that could be really nice . for that they do no have to make any nerf to the actual cast just buff some characters.

WHy ? so simple , cause peoples playin thunders ,jago ,glacius orchid etc… dont really complain. that just mean " dont touch my character please IG "
but some sadira players complained cause its been goin too far with her . you understand what i mean ?@ZDhome

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When the game is so crazy, It can be hard to balance.

I think the game being “Crazy” is a good thing, so i hope we see more buffs instead of nerfs.

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Buff only these lacking something ., no nerf pleases IG

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What time is the stream starting ?

not announced. This thread is really just ASKING for one.

I dont know exactly but from belgium its near 22h and 23h every thursday

10/10 Nice to see an SPN GIF on the boards.

:wink: thank you. thats actually how im feeling. “Happy and in the same time i don’t even know if it goin to be justified :sweat: or i could be even more dissapointed” only IG do have the answer, and maybe this answer is today at the weekly stream.