Today we toast! My homage to this nomination!


oh my god, Killer instinct Won!!!

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I don’t keep up with awards and the like… is this for real?

Hmm…I don’t trust this…

Gimme a link and I’ll believe it.

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Wasn’t it just nominees right now? No one won yet AFAIK

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Yes, it was Nominated. No, it has not won yet. Winner is determined Dec 1st.

Nominees are:

Killer Instinct Season 3
Street Fighter 5
King of Fighters 14
Pokken Tournament


So this is a duplicate thread then. @moderators

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KI may not have won yet but who ever made that Aria pic sure as hell won.


I made it… RDM…


Anyway you can have it without the text except for the KI logo. It would make a great wallpaper if that’s fine with you.

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Really hoping it gets it and in my opinion deserves it amongst the competition. However it’s an open vote and KI maybe isn’t as popular as its rivals so who knows.

Congrats on the nomination for “Best Fighting Game” KI :grin:

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Everyone, let’s all say it together now…



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“Fight On”

“Awesome Victory”