Today (8/23) at 6pm EST - 8Bit Beatdown Top 16 for $1,000

Hey guys. At 6pm EST, the Top 16 of the 8Bit Beatdown weekly Killer Instinct tournament will be streamed. This week has 120 players competing for $1,000 - paid down top 8.

Please show support by tuning in at , and tweeting/posting to all your fighting game friends about the event.


I watched most of it, and it was AMAZING. There were some unforeseen and uncontrollable technical difficulties but 8bitzombie and the guest commentators handled everything beautifully.

Congratulations to PinkDiamond and all the participants!

not seeing archives for the fights on this particular twitch channel - are they there? maybe i have an issue in my browser?

Wasnt sure if i wanted to make a new thread for this, but I think Kiets should start banning people using the twitch chat for feedback with nerfs, buffs, and other features. Not only is it aggravating for many viewers, but Kiets is in the chat trying to enjoy the tounament with the community, not to talk about feedback which is meant for the official KI forums.

Not only that but how rude people are about it, even when the tournaments consist of a wide variety of characters and not dominate by just one. I really believe people need to start giving credit to the players as they make the character, the character isnt making them.

Overall i was pretty disapointed in how rude some of the community was last night. (Not everybody of course)


Here’s the link
KI Top 16


Ninety percent of the time I watch a live gaming stream I do it full-screen WITHOUT the chat and 100% of the time I find it much more enjoyable that way.

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I think it’s just sad we can’t watch a tournament with chat open (to see reactions to clutch moments, to hear comments about interesting things that happened, etc) without being exposed to all that vitriol. For example, I like to pop into chats every now and again and explain something kinda interesting that showed up in matches that not everybody may have noticed, but it’s just not worth it anymore because it usually just gets drowned out by whatever negative thing the stream chat latched onto for the next 30 seconds.

I mean… it’s twitch chat, so I dunno what I’m expecting it to be if NOT extremely toxic, but it’s just really sad that it ends up being like that.

I’m new to this forum… And well all forums but I was just curious if there is a new forum somewhere some of this information seems out dated considering I just joined a tournament for august 28th 2016. Im really excited to get started in ki and online tournaments as well as LAN tournaments. I could be completely wrong and reading the dates wrong if so I’m very sorry I just want to make sure as to not make a fool of myself when 8bitbeatdown starts.

This was not the place to post this. You should have made a new thread.

That’s why I said sorry I seen 8bitbeatdown so I assumed I could post here and someone would point me in the right direction again sorry. Iv never used a forum before so I really don’t know how it works

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It’s cool.

lol i can never find it because i can never believe that thats actually the twitch handle

This it the promo for all the scheduled KI online events.

Here is a copy of the current tournament series announcement.

There is more info out there, but right now I can’t find it. I’m sure there are others on here who can post more info.


I dunno man. I think you guys need to lighten up. Twitch chat isn’t supposed to be some harmonious round table of high level strategy discussion. It’s a place to troll and have fun.

Have you ever been to a sporting event with friends or watched an important match on TV with passionate fans? A very similar thing happens.

The word toxic gets thrown around a lot, but most of you have no idea what it really means.


Uh…I mean, if your friends are complete dickheads, then yeah, watching TV with them would probably be pretty comparable to the social poison that is twitch chat. If they’re normal, sociable people though, they can probably get through watching a football game without being aggressive, dismissive, or generally just dickish to the people around them.