To make ultimates viable maybe we should look back

Ultimates are something that a lot of people want to be on this new KI. But IG/MS has limited resources and a lot of work , petitions from us , new ideas etc . Maybe combining the old ones with some new elements could make the ultimates a real thing in this new KI .

Some Ideas …

Jago: a Big Tiger endokuken that , like in KI2 ( in ki2 it was a dragon) , incinerate the enemy. Or After a big push out with some hard kick combination to the enemy he take the meditation position and PUM !! A big Hummer or any big vehicle falls over the enemy this is if the stage is open like. thunder , glacius, hisako, maya,TJ ETC. But in stages like Fulgore, Sadira, Orchid he could make some elements related to the stage falls over the enemy.
Some Ideas…

Orchid Stage: Helicopter. Crash into the stage over the enemy.

Fulgore Stage : Big pieces of metals, maybe old and new fulgores pieces falls over The enemy.

Sadira Stage : Big rocks and/or a lot of spiders.

Sabrewolf: Parts of th castle falls over enemy or a lot Bats come and the camera focus on enemy and after bats are completly around the enemy the camera focus on jago and his eyes turn brigther while the sound of the bats and screms get loud then a big silence happen before the voice says. Ultimate Combo.

KanRA Stage . Some big bricks falls over the enemy. and later a lot of sand with scrabs.

Spinal Stage: A lot of pieces of Old Boats fall over enemy. Or A big shark traped on the tentacles os a bigger Squid.

Jago/ Omen Stage: A big Bell , or 3 mediun bells falls over the enemy.

Aganos Stage : A lot of rocks Fall over the enemy and later flowers ( orchids ) grow on the pile.

That was with Jago.

Glacius. Update his KI1 and KI2 No mercies/ultimates to this KI. This could be very impresive if done properly.

Orchid: Not much to say . Just make her to show somthing she have that can kill males and piss off females. Big fire panter that incinerates the enemy.

Thunder : Update his KI1 no mercys into ultimates, one will cause some efect on enemies ( Ligthining axes strike) and the other will kill the enemy with te power of the ligthings.

Spinal: Update his No mercies/ultimates from ki1 and 2 to this KI. This could be very impresive if done properly.

Fulgore : Really ? Just imagine how cool could be machine gun head or machine gun fulgore From KI1 or 2 in this new KI, and even , killer red beam from KI2 could be great. If done properly.

TJ Combo: update his No mercies/ultimates From KI1 to this KI. This could be very impresive if done properly.

Maya : update her ultimates to this KI. This could be very impresive if done properly. The elephant falling over the enemy can be changed to trees or small piramids.

Riptor: Update his No mercies/ultimates From KI1 to this KI. This could be very impresive, AND FUNNY, if done properly.

SabreWolf: Th bats come and make a big cloud of bats the bats go to the enemy the screen goes black the bats mak a big and terrifing sound , the screen comes again there is nothing , just sabre and the bats.

Aganos : He turns you into a stone them he breaks you with his super punch.

Hisako . She get into you and , in slow motion ,she break you some bones , neck final, she comes out and after that, winning pose . OR SHE CALLS AL HER FAMYLY AND FRIENDS AND THEY COME TO … YOU

Cinder. Update his No mercies/ultimates From KI1 to this KI. and / or he creates a star next to you then it explodes and this incinirates you.

Sadira: She cover you with spider web till you go down an stop moving in the floor. In her stage the big spider takes you after you are cover by spider web.

Aria : She makes a time travel back only over you and it takes you to baby or kid state on some Ex humans this could be very cool, little dog on sabre, Baby Glacius, baby riptor, and baby cinder on fire. ( Jago, Orchid, TJ Combo, Sadira ,Fulgore Maya,thunder and kan Ra should keep reference to the character, i mean similar clothes. On Aria This ultimates take here to a chip from old computers , were she were first running/|created. Or hit you several times with some heavy shotgun shots ant you go down to the floor slowly , on the floor the body bleeds .


Adam issgreen himself said that shagos ultimate ONLY works on his stage, so why not make each characters ultras only work on their respective stages? E.g. orchids ultras only work on rebel outpost, while in a match between riptor and fulgore in the pinnacle, ultimates are disabled?