To arms! Maximilian's call for a new KI

not only that, but the crowdfunded gaming scene has its share of failures.

star citizen - 300 million, still no real game just a broken tech demo. once they stop paying the bills on their servers…whole thing is gone and people are out 1000s they threw at it. they’re still crowd funding. game is also in alpha for…6+ years.

system shock remake - started with unity engine, scope was pretty well set. dev team gets too cocky, engine change to UE4, increase in scope, updates becoming scarce, backer populace up in arms over wtf is going on. dev team goes on a 1 year leave to bring the game’s scope back to where it was (and i believe revert back to unity)

mighty no. 9 - game was not as good as it was promised, was pretty bad in the end. inafune was not only making this game but i think he was working on RE:Core at the same time. it showed that his energy was split, he infamously said “at least backers got something”. GG

this is why im skeptical of crowd funding in general. its not only just the idea of players not understanding how much it takes in the year of our lord 2019 to really make a well made product. it costs big money, and when something isnt crowd funded well over 7 figures it is going to show and they’re going to cry about it.

you have the potential of an underwhelming product, and you also have the potential outcome of a dev team going off the rails. it can be to milk more backers of their money for a game that’ll never launch cough chris roberts family and friends *cough, or they just lose control and increase scope way beyond what was pitched to backers thus requiring more funding, but also leads to a project’s collapse or hiatus like system shock’s remake.

the idea can be good, but it really really needs to be well done. igarashi pulled it off quite well with bloodstained, its a successful game though the switch version does have its issues. however people need to consider the 9 hells he had to go through in order for it to work and we get a game in our hands that was more or less AAA quality.

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I’m just isolating this quite because, no offense, the idea of the KI community agreeing on anything let alone being competent to choose a development house for the game is just patently absurd and probably another reason why this idea would never work.

This is for sure true. I actually think Mighty No. 9 gets a bad wrap. It plays like a mega man game to me. But it highlights the point that you don’t necessarily get what you want just because you crowdfund a game.

It’s not surprising and quite frankly, I suspect a majority of KI fans feel the same way. I don’t tend to get histrionic about things and I generally don’t think it makes sense to criticize or disparage dev teams, publishers, or companies that actually MAKE the things we like. But the way KI whimpered to a halt with little or no communication, the mess of releasing things for purchase then giving them away for free later, the fact that I sat in the shadow Jago KI gold stash with nothing to use it for for the better part of two years etc. eroded my enthusiasm for throwing money at the game just to show my support.

I don’t like to be negative. But a rational look at the course of the development of KI doesn’t fill me with confidence in the high level decision making at MS for the games development (and therefore a sequel). I still love the creative team, both DH and IG - they did their best and gave us a ■■■■ fine game at its core. But I’m not feeling like if I invest in a Ponzi scheme for a new KI that I’m likely to be happy with the results.

Give me a preorder or even a deluxe edition and I’m still in. But I’m not anxious to get nickel and dimes into spending hundreds on pointless extras.

I really agree with this. I LOVE the systems they have put in KI. But the last thing I want to see is them keep adding additional complexity to the game to keep the hardcore interested while making it ever more out of reach for new players. I don’t want future KI to be like Tekken where you have to have been playing the game forever to really “get it.”

i am in agreement that KI 2013 is complete, it really doesnt need anything else. there is already so much here like others have said and i am willing to wager that even today there is still tech to be found with various characters that probably havent been fully explored. to add more would indeed be considered folly

Oh, without question. I think KI is probably one of the more underexplored modern FG’s out there. Even our very best players are usually very upfront about having only scratched the surface of their various characters.

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KI is finished? WHAT? This game couldn’t be more halfway done. The rest if fixing this engine is too expensive or the same as a new game money wise, sure, forget fixing this. Also, if the load times are hardware, i’d agree on going for the new one too. However, two problems, relying on another developer to stay true to the mechanics of this one and just fine tune it is pretty much akin to relying on sun in seattle.

Developers usually never stay true to the good stuff in remakes, they always want to make a name for themselves, try something new and hope it works out so they can claim the praise if it goes well, if it doesn’t, they usually just leave and don’t care.

Final thing, MS is terrible at marketing, I rarely ever see xbox advertising, if I do its usually just the big 3, while sony advertises constantly, yet MS has endless money and sony is almost bankrupt, only surviving as a company mainly because they advertise well and have a fan base due to that.
Advertising and taking advantage of what you have is something MS has no understanding of at all.

Yep, second thought, after reading all that, its easy to see how developers would scam cf. 300 million and still no game, sorry but that’s hugely criminal. I don’t care if that game is big or they say “it took this money to make this”, bs, a lot of that was completely stolen.

Honestly at this point it really looks like the new game might be the only hope, only other chance I can see is scarlett should load this ki instantly and crowdfunding to fix the engine to allow skins which would then pay for more content is all I can see as the two possibilities.

KI is insanely awesome in possibilities, problem is its so hard to get there because the tools mostly aren’t there to do so. The online community is so devolved its not even funny, 90-95% of players simply hold up and don’t ever block and mash the tons of broken stuff/gimmicks or if forced to defend, just dp or mash breaker.

Most games can be won online by just counter breaking constantly and knowing how to beat the gimmicks, or just spamming meaty’s until they dp spam and block/punish/cbreaker. Its devolved so hard its rarely entertaining or even good for somebody to play online, it actually makes you worse. High level play has never been achieved in KI. Some players have been pretty good for a bit then left, but people treat it far too much as a masher and the tools just aren’t there for the community to raise its level of play. Online(majority of the community) has been declining for a long time.

I just won about 8 games in a row by just holding up and pressing fierce the entire time against 3 different people, level 50 silver, gold and qualifier, they play mostly the same as a lot of killers do, this is how bad it has gotten, there will never be a game where endless mashing is so widespread. That’s 50/50 devs and communities fault, tools aren’t there to improve for the casual player or learn who you want to, and the community supported terrible development for a long time and basically ignored blatant problems with the game for 3 years because some cool characters were created and used as a distraction to the majority.

This game isn’t likely to see its potential unless we get a new one that’s true the mechanics and game with the community actually holding the devs accountable. The top players during this games main run really let this game down by not committing to calling the devs out on the main problems for its development lifespan.

Outside of a rare new game with good true development or a very rare crowdfunding to fix skins lead into more funding through skins, KI will likely go down as the fg with the most unrealized potential ever.

Aren’t you the guy who can’t anti-air? :thinking:

If you want to play good players, then find good players and ask for matches. And when they beat you, instead of complaining about their gimmicks or abuse of “broken” stuff, ask them for feedback on your play so you can actually improve. If you spent half as much time trying to actually get better as you do complaining about how everyone else is terrible at the game, you’d probably be pretty decent. At the very least, you’d likely be able to anti-air by now :man_shrugging:t5:


i think someone from that team is going to go to prison eventually. look at theranos scandal, its kind of similar in some ways.

@STORM179 i was about to say my anti-air capabilities suck, but then i remembered i play hisako. kinda hard to not suck with the range on that down heavy of hers haha

Haha. Hisako’s cr.HP is indeed pretty sick. KI’s AA buttons and options in general are pretty top-tier to be honest. Most of the cast can nail you for 15% or more pretty easily if they catch you jumping in willy-nilly :joy:

i had trouble landing mira’s AA, but fulgore/hisako was easy

Mira has one of the worst AA buttons in KI. It’s not bad, particularly when compared to other FG’s, but it’s definitely one of the more particular AA buttons in the game. Kim Wu’s cr.HP is another awkward one, but that one is actually quite strong (the hitbox is pretty large), just a bit slow. It leads to massive damage though, so the slight weakness there makes a fair bit of sense balance wise.

yeah it was definitely a bit weird labbing it up, mira’s had some kind of timing to it from what i recall. i wasnt able to reliably pull it off during the time when i was using her online. if some jumped in on me, i would usually back dash and hit them with st.M if able depending on the situation. other times id just block

I think entertainment products probably fall into a different category than medical testing when it comes to things like fraud. But I wouldn’t argue that someone from Star Citizen May be found guilty of a crime.

Crowdfunding to “fix” the Hex engine to improve KI character skins and sell them isn’t a possibility. It is a lower percentage probability than you admitting that KI has high level players - but you aren’t one of them. Meaning less than zero.

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the similarities between the 2 cases start and end at “hey, here is X product, its going to do X things!” but then investors/customers do not get what it is they paid for. as well as personnel being involved in shady practices behind closed doors. thats about it really. btw, i highly recommend you read john carryou’s Bad Blood book, i was really impressed with his investigative work in blowing the lid off theranos and its malpractices. there was some really shocking stuff in there, it was really interesting

I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but I wouldn’t have pegged you for someone to read Bad Blood. My sister read it - I haven’t but I’m familiar with the case. It is pretty nuts.


bro, why is it every time you reply to me you’re talking crap? Like literally every time, I’m done with you, you’re a freaking child through and through. These are the facts about online, stop trying to hide it from what it is, and probably what you play like too, do you see me personally trying to talk crap to you ever let alone every response? No, go be a child somewhere else.

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lol its all good, i may be a gun toting gearhead/gamer, but theres more to me than i usually let on. and yeah, it is a very crazy case. idk how those poor employees endured that environment, but i guess they did what they had to in order to eat and provide

@THEOKIKING lol you just picked a fight with the forums biggest ■■■■■■■. andy and i have ripped on eachother many times. youre about to have fun haha. storms a huggy bear compared to him, im gonna enjoy this round of internet bloodsports lmao

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Like I said, I just didn’t know it would interest you. Having broad interests is getting rarer these days. Anyway good deal. Maybe I will try to download it and read it on the plane.

If you are out gimmicked or out knowledged then you are out played. The best (and in fact only) indicator of when you have been outplayed is the announcer saying “you lose.” I know it can be subtle but watch for it and I’m sure you will see it.

It’s not random and it’s not attacking (well maybe a little). You just persistently say things that are not true and talk a lot of trash. When you say ridiculous things like “KI has no high level players,” you have to expect people will argue with you- it’s an obnoxious statement especially from someone who claims to be the arbiter of what constitutes “high level play” yet isn’t very good at the game. But anytime anyone says anything to you, your feelings get hurt and you lash out with personal attacks. Storm doesn’t need me defending him but the man is about the least hot-tempered, calmest contributer to these forums, and he has a track record of big level performance in the game. Instead of getting all butt hurt every time he says something try actually listening to what he says.

This text will be blurred[quote=“THEOKIKING, post:139, topic:25477”]
must be a liberal.
[/quote]Completely irrelevant and libel to get you flagged or banned so I would watch out on stuff like that. But also, FYI, you’re insight on this is not better than your insight into KI’s mechanics.