TJs initials?

That we’ll find out what the T and J are short for when his backstory is revealed? I ask this since we got Sabrewulfs full name in his backstory.

“I think, therefore I am.” - Descartes :scroll:

Seriously though, that’s a BAD thread title - it sounds almost like you’re insulting everyone. :expressionless:

In any case, I would like to know what it stands for too. Anyone care to take a guess as to what it might be before we actually find out just to see if anyone guesses correctly? :smirk:

I believe: his full name is Tee Jay Francis Kelly.

In his youth, being thin and frail, he was known simply as Francis Kelly, and never spoken in any way but condescending.
Not wanting to take the disrespect any longer, after months of training unbeknownst to his school mates, one day T.J. stepped foot on the schoolyard and “combo’d” his mockers some respect!

It stands for Timothy Jeewillikers.


I definitely think so now too since, after all, we already learned in his Rivals Story and overall back in KI Season 2 that his last name was revealed to be Garrett :wink: :grin:

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It’s Terrance James fooool!!!

Lol that’d be the stereotype or Tyrone James.

Tempted to edit the clickbait title. I’d rather go in knowing that this is a lore question, especially when there are (probably) still people getting around who are unhappy with TJ’s nerfs.


I’m not %100 sure but I think it was also
revealed as “Garrett” in the first incarnation of KI.


Tyrone Jamal Garrett

Also, in season 3 we find out Jago and Orchid are from Puerto Rican origins

Jago and Orchid Gonzalez

Spinal is a british pirate, so his full name is Sir Spinal Windsor
Since I am spaniard, I find Maya’s surname super funny, because it’s made up.
Maya Fallegeros. It sounds like Maya follanegros haha.
Hisako Mishima? lol so generic


Puerto Rican monk? Lol. Never heard Fallegeros either. I’m American but thought it was made up.

Yo. If Jago was Puerto Rican, he should have the Puerto Rican Flag somewhere on his body. Gotta represent! (I’m Puerto Rican. :smile:)

I had asked my family at one point of the name Maya Fallageros, and they said they have never heard a name like that. Maybe like you said it’s made up, but sounds like a spanish name?

That or Portuguese in regards to Maya’s surname

Tyler-Johnson Garrett

So no one got it right…a few came close though. I prefer Terrance James though! lol

I went for Tyrone Jamal but I guess that was too ghetto 4 da game…

Anyways what’s with “Garrett” in videogames? I swear I have seen that game for a protagonist a million times

Garret Hawke from dragon age, TJ Garrett from KI, Garrett from Thief…

My guess was Terrance James fool! LOL

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I hated “Tyler-Johnson” , it sounds like a blonde headed male model from the south to me. The limits of what it should have been to me was “Thomas James” but like “Terrence James” , or Tyrone Jamal.

Tyler Johnson sounds like Porrn name ha ha ha!


Tyler Johnson 'bout to go in!

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