TJ's Eye

I could have sworn he was missing an eye in the other Killer Instincts, anyone mind explaining how he got it back?

It’s KI reboot.

They redid the lore of KI for most characters.


He was only missing his eye in KI2, which is the outfit his Retro is based on.
So technically, you can still totally play as Cyclops TJ :wink:


Time to go buy myself a Cyclops!

When TJ was revealed and Isgreen was asked he said, he hasn’t lost it yet. I assumed this meant he’d lose it in the story but I guess not lol I mean it makes sense cause they can’t exactly go and change his model or anything afterwards.

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This new KI is AND became essentially a reboot of the original KI games and overall KI series


Correct. I do remember saying in a text stream that TJ hasn’t lost his “eye” yet. Maybe he’ll lose it in Season 3 or the potential sequel.

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I think at some point, KIs graphics and gameplay will be outdated. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be one some time at the end of this decade or beginning of next one. Just hope that if we do get one, it’s on a higher budget.

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