TJ's Backstory

I really hope for TJ’s backstory that they get it RIGHT. He was NEVER DEFEATED…EVER. He became paranoid and overwhelmingly greedy and that’s what led to him getting the cybernetic implants based on KI 1 story. Plus if he was defeated, wouldn’t that guy that did it be the representation of the word’s greatest human fighter??? It hurts TJ’s history for him to be defeated by anyone else that’s not part of the Killer Instinct tournament as he is supposed to be the representation of the Human Peak Potential, in a way similar to Batman as he has no magical powers but still able to compete and WIN and be unstoppable due to sheer talent, determination and rigorous training.

I also hope they elaborate on His “Glory Days” Instinct power as he did not have that before and would give an added dimension to his story, finding a power within himself that was greater than the implants in the first place and gives him the means to defeat ANYONE, man, machine or spirit.

p.s Also for the paranoia/burned out angle, it would play a lot like the Highlander The Series episode where the main hero’s friend was one of the greatest swordsman of his time but over all the centuries, his confidences waivers as no matter how many countless enemies he defeats, there is NO rest as there is always another challenger that appears BECAUSE of his fame as “the greatest” and that’s what gets him disillusioned with life and paranoid to the point he does drugs to keep his “courage”, i’ll post the link to the episode and that should be what MS/Iron galaxy should play up but show that TJ eventually overcame his fear with everything that happened with Ultratech, fighting for the earth and beating the fulgore unit.

This is the link, great episode

Nope, sorry. When TJ Combo falls, all the nanomachines in his body can’t help but put TJ Combo back together again. :egg:

It’s a reboot. Deal with it.

Will TJ’s story explain how he ripped them out and replaced them with regular arms again?

T.J is just Balrog but not evil and more ugly…

Yeah I do wonder who beat T.J before since Balrog never got defeated only kicked out for killing his opponent and Dudly is the british champ…Some strong guy is my guess

GG, its “When TJ falls” … not “Whe TJ”.

Please fix your grammar, as a school teacher I expect better from you. :smile:

Fixed! Your post is now irrelevant. :wink:

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With Fulgore’s story coming tomorrow (hopefully), will we expect TJ’s story next week?

Like here’s what I want to know…

  • How did TJ get into boxing and become champion?
  • Does he have any family? Siblings? Cousins? Nieces? Nephews?
  • How TJ was driven to go to Ultratech for help and regained his title?
  • Since meeting Orchid, how did he befriend Jago, Maya & Thunder?
  • Is Riptor still his arch-enemy?
  • How did he rip the cybernetics out of his arms and get his newfound power from them to gain “Glory Days” instinct mode?

I’m pretty hype for TJ’s Story to be honest.

His first name is Theodore and his middle name is Jack :stuck_out_tongue:


That was a hype one. I need to sit down…

Is TJ and Orchid in some relationship as of this game?

I checked his age, he’s younger than her.

both should be around 30s in this game.