TJ's Autobarrage

Just a quick suggestion. I’ve been playing TJ for achievements’ sake but I’ve noticed that there’s no easy way to tell that you’ve actually completed an autobarrage successfully (I’m happy to be proven wrong).

Might be a good idea to add something as a cue to indicate that you’ve done it succesffully (perhaps a quiet crowd raw like in his entrance).

He does a giant punch that knocks the opponent into the ground and takes away 40% of their health. If you did it wrong you’ll just get a weak little gut punch or drop the combo.


Well I don’t think I’m doing it right them as I can do about 4 or 5 per round against the AI…

If I was to guess, you’re doubling up on a button press when cancelling from one auto-double to the other, which results in a quick gut punch forless damage, but leaves TJ at advantage frame-wise.

Just be methodical about only doing each button one time, you should know you landed the full thing when you hear TJ make a louder grunt and hear the opponent hit the ground.

The trick is dont hit the AD you begin with a 2nd time. So do an Opener - medium kick AD, …then light kick, light punch, medium punch, heavy punch, heavy kick. that should complete the Auto barrage.
Do it slowly, dont mash quickly as if your trying to force it to happen quickly. You will know its correct when you here TJ grunt loudly and a huge thud. If you get it wrong and do the advantage ender, TJ grunts normally and there is no thud, just a normal manual hit sound.

Guess I’ll just have to practice. Anyone willing to help me? :smiley: