TJ tweaks to make him less frustrating to play

I decided recently to give TJ a shot, and I gotta say, it hasn’t been the most pleasant experience. Not due to him being bottom tier or anything like that, but mostly due to issues with inputs and certain aspects of his design simply not making sense.

Personally I think inputs for the following things should be tweaked:

  • His speedbag jab chain, I think, should simply work so the number of button presses determines the number of hits, without timing as a factor. The fact that you need to deliberately delay each button press for the full 4 hits, combined with the fact that the timing in instinct is different, makes this chain feel unresponsive and it really feels like your best option to ensure all 4 hits come out is to mash.

  • Off his backfist opener, the input buffer for linkers/enders should be cleared. I find that it’s not uncommon for me to attempt to do backfist > double only to get a linker or ender because of the backfist input. This is especially bad in instinct.

And a few other things I noticed:

  • On his launcher ender, why is it that level 2/3/4/shadow enders all give him less juggle time than his level 1? The level 1 launcher ender gives him enough juggle time to combo into a sweep, or even into jumping moves in instinct, but 2/3/4/shadow don’t. It would make more sense to me for level 1 to launch as high as the higher levels launch now, and have him gradually gain more height as the ender level increases.

  • This one might seem nitpicky, but in autobarrage, the only hits that have enough advantage to manual into a jab or shadow knee are medium/heavy doubles on the 3rd and 5th hit. Personally I think having this option is good, as it means that he can exit autobarrage but only if he plays the counterbreaker game, but it confuses me that that 4th hit doesn’t let him do it.